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  1. I understand and i apologised you guys, just don't ban please. I hope we can all together end this discussion in positive way.
  2. Ice_Cap Thanks on good words. I'm not offender or spammer and you know that. As you see i try to mend things with him, i apologise for everything and everybody, but he keeps coming with the same.
  3. What!? I'm not offender Jesus Christ calm down and I' m not deserve to be ban it's not unfair, i apologise you and everyone else and i told you that i will not bring that thing about all stars courts ever again i promise. Don't judge me please and i really hope we can end this discussion in a positive way and hopefully we can have a peace.
  4. Hey chill out man. My fault i made mistake i'm sorry guys and i will not ask about all stars courts again trust me, but please don't ban me from forum, please, i really very sorry for this situation and i will not bother you guys with requests on all stars courts, i'm not bad guy and i want to be in this forum, i promise i will NOT repeat again and again. We all making mistakes in life, but we can forgive to those who made.
  5. Don't get me wrong, i know that it is a process and it won't happen in one day. I just wandering if it happens this year.
  6. Kodrinsky, I just want to know, are you still gonna making an all of all stars courts timeline this year?
  7. I agree with you about patience. I'm waiting for NBA's All Stars courts timeline a long time. Hoping like Kodrinsky mention by himself, that this year it might happen finally, that's my dream.
  8. kodrinsky I'll patiently waiting and hoping that this year you'll be able to start and release the nba all stars courts timeline. Please make this happen this year.
  9. Thank you so much for reply to me. You know that i'm waiting reply of yours about this long time ago and i feel appreciated. I will wait for this next year with excitement and hopefully this time you'll cheer us with nba all stars courts timelines. Just curious what is on your mind on your plan, what year of all stars courts you'll be starting first, i mean from the begging like 1950's then 1960's then 1970's so on till the present time?
  10. Sorry for bother again, but when can we expect you start working with nba all star courts timeline? At least can you give us estimated time on this?
  11. No way. Enough for black and one designs and it is boring. I like Hawks brand with red, white, lime colors, so that should be left as it is now.
  12. kodrinsky Just wondering are you have done any all stars courts from the past, but maybe didn't have a chance to upload/post them?
  13. Kodrinsky Are you planing to finish updating courts timelines for the last 5 teams such as Jazz, Royals/Kings, Warriors, Lakers and Spurs? i know you had mention them before, but didn't touch them yet. Also what about all of the nba all star courts timeline from past to present, when do you planning to release them? Really wish to see that.
  14. I think, that you forget to add this court to your flickr account.
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