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  1. The Spurs jerseys look similar for the most part but I tried some fun variations on these:
  2. Tried to sneak in some black jerseys.
  3. I gotta say, there wasn't much I could do with these Rockets jerseys:
  4. Remix Requests Round 2: I took it a step further and took the Brooklyn script too! Let me know what you think. I combined the both of these to come up with something a bit more similar to the original! You got it. Ride that black jersey train. I combined the Saints' Black and Gold with NO Jazz's purple. Let me know what you think! Hey why not? I added it too.
  5. Here are the Raptors and after, I'll start on the 2nd round of requests! I added some OVO jerseys for good measure.
  6. Quick turnaround on the Pistons:
  7. Here are a few concepts for the Pelicans. The colors are really different so it was a struggle matching these. Let me know if you guys have better ideas!
  8. Had a lot of fun with the Pacers:
  9. Denver Nuggets (a bit out of order for layout purposes):
  10. No, the B&W filter isn't on, you're just looking at the Brooklyn Nets Remixes: And yes, I'm aware that they look like they were drained of all life.
  11. Two quick ones here with the Magic: And the Mavs:
  12. First round of Remix Requests: I wasn't sure exactly what you meant by this but my interpretation is in the first and second sets. I know this wasn't a request but I did it anyway. Took it an extra step and made a white version. The first set certainly looks more interesting but the double pinstripes look too overboard. Tried it, I think we've gone too far with the whole gradient thing. Interesting challenge for this one. Hope you like it! Honestly didn't think they were distinct enough but I added these in!
  13. Your NBA Champs. Bring on the hate for the white and black jerseys.
  14. Not a lot of changes for these Knicks Jerseys: Here are the Kings: Later on I'll make a version using the Kings Script font just to change it up. You can just DM me here if the tumblr message isn't pushing through. As for your question, it's been quite a while since I did the Celtics jerseys but so you know my process, I typically don't create jerseys unless I see them in game. Of course there are a few exemptions like when there are no other existing pictures of the jersey. But typically, in order to avoid doing pre-season jerseys or jersey concepts that didn't push through to the actual season, I have to find an in game photo/video of the jersey. That being said, send me a DM if you do find them wearing that in a game and I'll try to see where I messed up in the timeline (It's also possible that they changed their wordmark mid-season). Hope that answers your question!