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  1. Super nerdy question alert. I have no idea where to ask this question but I'll try here. I've been having a tough time pinning the following jerseys to a date: I can't seem to find a picture where they used this in game. I only see these: 3/8/1973 - Season 1972-73 3/18/1973 - Season 1972-73 2/24/1974 - Season 1973-74 Season 1974-75 Not sure if anyone can answer this but it would be a HUGE help. (of course it's also entirely possible that these are some sort of pre-season jersey but I wasn't sure if they were doing that in the 70s)
  2. Hey everyone! If you guys remember a while back I started on this NBA jersey database project that eventually spawned into a Tumblr. I need everyone's help again. I decided to ditch the old template with a newer, easier to edit, one. But I'm going to need a lot of help on how the jersey shape/length/belt/shorts evolved throughout the years. I did my own research and this is what I've come up with so far: (Note that the years indicated refer to the jerseys templates only and not the jerseys themselves) Ok. So for this first batch: I'm not sure when they stopped using belts for their shorts. I noticed on team photos that by 1956 the jerseys were a bit wider on the shoulders. It went even wider at 1968 with a new V-neck collar jersey at 1974. 1986 was when they added the NBA logo. For 1994 I widened the arm holes a bit more and made the shorts slightly longer. To anyone who knows more about this stuff, I'd be really grateful for some notes and criticism. Thanks everyone!
  3. Cleveland has only been using two dark colored jerseys... The Celtics didn't wear green for the whole series... and Golden State doesn't even have a pattern when they use White or Black.
  4. Sorry a bit of self promo here but I'll leave this here in case anyone's interested...
  5. Is it just me or do the colors just clash? Is it just the gray?
  6. Wow. This is not that bad.
  7. Hold up. It's white?
  8. Agreed. Gotta say, I love the whole Blazers set but I still can't wait for the day the finally remove silver from their set (it just doesn't make sense anymore with their new brand).
  9. The Grizzlies are just competing with themselves to see how boring their jerseys can get.
  10. Hey as long as they keep the current "T".
  11. Forget Utah. Those gray jerseys are some of the worst I've ever seen.
  12. For reference:
  13. This WILL NOT look ok in their Blue Jersey. EDIT: They actually found a way to make it look better. Huh.
  14. You're right buddy I'm convinced. Here you go! Just for you.
  15. Thanks for the correction! Updated the original post in the database too.