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  1. These City designs more and more are just ending up as Remix jerseys and I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing. P.S. I am so glad to be back to see all these leaks!! I missed this forum.
  2. Just to correct the record, when I first saw these jerseys 2 years ago: I could only find them in that photoshoot and only found the shorts here in some actual game footage/documentation: So I assumed they were just used for promotions or for a preseason/exhibition game. But then after digging a bit more when the Rockets announced the new classic, I found this program as well: So the best I could figure out was that it was just a variation of the home jersey that they wore during the 1967/68 season. The rockets had a few of those variation jerseys during the 60's which were like alternate versions of their home and road jerseys. Not a lot of quality control and consistency during those times. (Also, sorry to cross promote but the correction is up on my website too if you guys are interested)
  3. Right gotcha. The inconsistency was just bothering me so much. Also, thanks!
  4. Random question. Are the purple Jazz classic jerseys for this upcoming season? How come they don't have the same NIKE logo that the other classics have?
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