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  1. How about a Snowball World Series? Some team names that come to mind: Antarctica Emperors Greenland Ox Himalaya Yetis Iceland Vikings Mont Blanc Glaciers Northern Lights Siberian Tigers ... Sounds cool?
  2. Sorry to be that guy, but I think you piggyfied the nose of dog even more than on the original. So unless you want to make it a "Schweinehund", I'd refine that snout a bit more.
  3. I think it looks better in a shield and prefer option no. 3. However, I still find the strokes too heavy/thick. As for option no. 2, it gives me pencil tip vibes.
  4. The second version is the better one in regards to conveying both the A and the mountain. However, I agree that the weight of the strokes is too heavy. Also, once the steering wheel was mentioned, it's really hard to unsee. Maybe you can add a bit more mountain details to counter that, and/or make it a different shape than a circle. A shield might work well here.
  5. Certainly an upgrade. Really like the Dutch lion as well. However, seeing both logos together, it OCDs me that the hexagons are not exactly the same height.
  6. Really an incredibly well done series! Congrats and thanks, C²!
  7. Would've been more suitable for Tottenham Hotspurs
  8. Both of your renditions look good, but I also think the one with the white outline pops more. You should try it with different backgrounds as well though, to get a better feel for how it looks in different applications. Edit/ The comment was regarding your previous renderings. I did not open the last page of this thread.
  9. The designer who came up with this atrocity obviously found some shrooms during his inspirational trip through the Black Forest.
  10. Minor detail, but I really dig how smoothly UA's monogram is placed on that red stripe.
  11. Ouch, that hurts! Your design is so many lightyears above that garbage they went with.
  12. Looks cool, but can you simplify it more? At small sizes this would be too busy.
  13. Not bad GoRedSox! To improve it further I'd suggest to expand the galaxy a bit, so the letters don't stick out so awkwardly. Also, if the quasar could be placed in the center of the galaxy, it would make a bit more sense beyond just being there for "recognition value".
  14. Subtle, but good improvement, especially on the lozenges. Still hate the Bauern though!
  15. Well, that Memphis Hustle font looks like it's plucked straight from MHE, a material handling equipment company in Asia.
  16. Yeah, looks nicer with the wider workmark.
  17. Nice work! But give the "Hawaii" a color that pops more, e.g. yellow or white and also maybe color the white background in the badge in yellow or grey to fill it out.
  18. I'm not really convinced that a train that has left town is really the best moniker, but if you wanna go down that track I would definitely use it's beautiful maroon and gold color scheme. That being said, I would probably elaborate more what you could do with the Tigers identity.
  19. How about you place the V on top of the volcano, like it's shooting out of it?
  20. +++Conspiracy Theory Alert+++ Nobody is supposed to know this but... It's actually a very subtle NLP advertisement from Nike.
  21. I hope they either go with their stretched or inline typeface for the numbers.
  22. ->