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  1. It's funny how the checkmark completely takes away the excitement from the word "Yahoo". It's now reduced to grocery level on a shopping list. - Milk. Check - Butter. Check - Yogurt. Check - Yahoo. Check - Yawn. Check ...
  2. Can the name of the event and/or a slogan be included in the image (e.g. 100 years of such-n-such) or is it supposed to be strictly no-text, apart from the year numbers and the word "anniversary"?
  3. Logo looks good as a security icon, but the fitness context does not come through enough. Maybe in the application, but not if the logo is on its own. How about a fist or muscled arm pumping a massive key? Rendered right this could look pretty cool I think.
  4. A whole lot of great sport brands in here, that it's hard to argue with. Maybe some of you overemphasize the uniforms a bit too much vs. the overall brand identity, but maybe that's just the way it came across to me. Anyway, most of my favorite choices have also been mentioned so far. Here you go: MLB: A's NFL: Dolphins NBA: Bulls NHL: Red Wings MLS: Timbers
  5. The Fire home kit is a great look, but on the away kit I also think the flag is a bit out of place dangling on the hip. The NYCFC kits are both superb. As for the Crew I liked the two you dismissed the most, especially the away kit with the patterned sleeves. Good stuff!
  6. The theme behind this concept is "MIA - MI AMOR". I wanted to keep the crest very simple and only focus on the M and heart shape, so I did not even include the name Miami. The colors are turquoise and white to represent the ocean and sea spray at Miami's coast line, and the colors are also often found on Miami's art deco buildings. The home jersey is white to give the players a bit of relief under the hot sun, while the away jersey is in a bright salmon color which contrasts nicely with the turquoise. So, whatcha think? C&C is welcome!
  7. Well, I'd take the one on the bottom left as a glass-half-full-kinda-flag and the one bottom right as marking the meeting point to clink the glasses. Both will look beautiful on beer labels and coasters in any case.
  8. Second that! Though it kinda reminds me of the Sportfreunde Siegen.
  9. Agreed. Anyway, it was just some random thought that crossed my mind.
  10. Daaayumm! Those shorts are off the hook!!
  11. It just occured to me that those are almost LAFC colors, while the blue and yellow is almost the same color scheme like LA Galaxy. Maybe they saw LAFC's launch and the favorable feedback to it and it got them thinking "well, navy and gold ain't so bad after all..."
  12. I got some ideas but I'm not from OKC. Are you only looking for submissions from Oklahomans, or is this open to anyone no matter where you're from?
  13. They only really need to know the ones and zeros, though...
  14. That's a really well done icon... for creampies!
  15. Three teams play in Canada.One star for each Canadian team?
  16. Well done! The two logos on top look solid!
  17. Well, since NYC FC is now the brand in question here, how would you rank that one compared to San Jose Clash, Miami Fusion, Tampa Bay Mutiny and Real Salt Lake?
  18. That Japan shirt is in memory of Fukushima, no?
  19. I think one could even say that NYC FC is arguably the most inclusive name possible in regards to New York's ethnic neighborhoods, because the "City Name + FC (or SC/AC/etc.)" team name formula is pretty much the universally common style accross the globe - whether in Latin America, on the Balkan or on the British Islands, you find City Name FCs everywhere you look!
  20. I see your point, but your post also gives me hope as you came up with some ideas straight away."The Boroughs" has a nice ring to it actually
  21. While "City" is the most obvious nickname in the running, I hope fans and media can come up with some more creative alternatives as well...