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  1. Should we rename this topic, "NHL Merry-Go-Round?" Just saying.
  2. Built with what money pray.....aw it Emperor Rahm I will privatize the rest of Chicago's school system to sacrifice education for a new Bears stadium. What about private funding?
  3. Wait till the lease is over. Then maybe we can have New Soldier Field (or Soldier Field at Dunkin' Donuts Park).
  4. Yes! It might be a reality! This gives the Raiders/Rams/Jags no excuses.
  5. http://battleforbrooklyn.com/ I think I stumbled across that doc once on TV.
  6. Did the Barclays ever have a chance to succeed? The people of Brooklyn must have been angry when that thing was built.
  7. while I don't disagree with the sentiment, who would it be? An expansion team? Or an existing team that has a form of yellow/gold in their color template like the Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers, Packers, or Redskins? I cant think of one of them looking good in that. I think they would look good in a yellow jersey. Also, I agree with your Mr. Nascar, Pittsburgh should bring back the old alts.
  8. Gray facemasks suck. That's a popular opinion.
  9. Maryland will be gone by the time The Ville joins.
  10. They'd wind up at UConn, Boston College, or Providence (basketball only)
  11. Portland can do better than Markham for sure. And also, where the hell is Salt Lake City?
  12. Portland and Seattle coexisted perfectly in the NBA. They coexist perfectly in the MLS. I don't see the problem.
  13. First off, Hamilton, Markham, Saskatoon, and Kansas City before Seattle & Portland? What's going through your mind? The Whalers name going to a city not bordered by an ocean and it being the Panthers and not the Hurricanes? Ugh. I want to avoid insults. You need to work on your markets. Also, Canes will move before Columbus.
  14. I thought he had a chance of moving the team to Quebec City or Seattle seeing he has no ties to Miami.. then he bought Sunrise. I want this ass on a silver platter by 2020.
  15. I wouldn't contract the D-Backs or the Marlins. Why would you contract teams with WS?
  16. Better yet, put the Mariners and Angels back in the AL.
  17. That is an awful policy. I want to join HFBoards to troll now.
  18. LOL. Are they Phoenix....I mean Arizona Coyotes fans there? I'm betting that that name will have no impact whatsoever, IMO.
  19. So does this mean no teams will move in the near future?
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