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  1. They've played each other a hundred times
  2. The Tennessee oilers only existed for 1 season and that's what the picture is of. The only other way the ravens played the oilers is if it was in 1996 (the ravens first year) when they were still in Houston. But I don't think that happened
  3. That game was played at Clemson and featured the infamous Bubby Brister play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=429_0ybqZOU#t=407s He may as well have just handed the ball off to Mills. And my note to Mr. Tom Hammond: You really only need to track the non-embarrassing moments of Jets history. Trust me. It's much easier that way. The video link you posted is the wrong game
  4. What's unique about that? A lot of baseball players only wear a glove on their bottom hand. No. He's the only current major leaguer that does it
  5. Hunter Pence hits with only one batting glove
  6. Cant find pictures, but the panthers played the oilers in 1996. And 1995 marks the only time that the panthers played the gastineau style jets
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