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  1. I'm almost positive it was Colts Broncos in 2004 at RCA
  2. I wonder if Dallas Clark has a similar story
  3. They did one on Sanders last year ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ones I would like to see done: The Mannings (Archie, Peyton, and Eli) George Halas Curly Lambeau Frank Gifford Pete Rozelle John Madden Gifford just made me think that Chuck Bednarik would make for a badass documentary
  4. Julian Edelman broke the Patriot return record on Sunday. Mod edit: racism
  5. Mod redacted.Think before you post. L.
  6. Kobe's hair? definitely an upgrade there
  7. Black sleeve stripe on Viking guy. What's up with that?
  8. Forgot about them. My bad Tejada did for one game
  9. pretty sure 00 use to be allowed in the NFLJim Otto
  10. Bruce Miller has it right now. The hard nosed fullbacks just fit in with the 40s