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  1. Nice clean, simple warmup gear for next season...I like it.
  2. Looks like a generic jersey you can get at Wal-Mart. These are garbage.
  3. They never should have gotten rid of the sunburst set. Everything they've had since then hasn't even come remotely close to being as good.
  4. Yes. Even though Golden Eagles isn't really horrible, I believe there is still a decent sized contingent that absolutely hates it.
  5. Ha Ha...ask Marquette fans how well that went over.
  6. Agreed 100% and I'd venture to guess we could see cream and/or black versions of that set in the future. The green earned set is very popular.
  7. And let's remind ourselves of the perfectly good old logo below that is being replaced by this new trash.
  8. Maybe the sale had something to do with the fact that the players on said jerseys are likely no longer on the team.
  9. Not sure but I think something to that effect happens in the NFL with their "salute to service" gear every year.
  10. They will remain the Snappers for all of this season. After that, who knows? As far as I'm hearing, the majority of fans are still furious about any possible name change.
  11. Sorry...this is a downgrade in every way. Absolutely terrible.
  12. This also reminds me when the Royals went through their BFBS phase...also awful in every way.
  13. IMO, the new columbia jersey does not look good with navy numbers. The old one with white numbers looked much better.
  14. I don't mind the thumbtack logo at all, and I do think it works very well on the helmet...or I should say it looks good on a WHITE helmet.
  15. Yup. I always liked the last Titans set. I wouldn't have minded if they just evolved it a bit with a few tweaks, but now we're stuck with a look that is a downgrade in pretty much every way.
  16. I may be way late to the game here since I don't watch much Pac-12 basketball, but has UCLA been wearing Nike's all season and going without a supplier mark on the unis? Just noticed it in the game vs Oregon. I know the JB deal hasn't officially started yet.
  17. Interesting. I wonder if this is something experimental and they are collecting player feedback? The plan could be to use this leaguewide next spring.
  18. Nice touch at Brewers ST making up a locker for Hank.
  19. And the team identity overwhelmingly chosen by the fans is Snappers, not any of that other garbage.
  20. Brewers Hank Aaron sleeve patch...
  21. Thanks! That's what I was suspecting but I wasn't sure if they still had it as an option or not.
  22. Anyone know if this hat is still in the D'Backs rotation?
  23. I'd say Puma would probably have the best shot at this if it ever happened. But again, I don't know how it might affect recruiting. These kids are all conditioned to believe Nike and Adidas are far superior to everything else out there.
  24. If "attitude adjustment" means no longer believing their mono black looks good, I'm all for it.
  25. Can't believe nobody lists the Eagles on any of these lists. After the inevitable Cardinals rebrand, the Eagles move to the top of the list IMO.
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