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  1. Interesting. I wonder if this is something experimental and they are collecting player feedback? The plan could be to use this leaguewide next spring.
  2. Nice touch at Brewers ST making up a locker for Hank.
  3. And the team identity overwhelmingly chosen by the fans is Snappers, not any of that other garbage.
  4. Brewers Hank Aaron sleeve patch...
  5. Thanks! That's what I was suspecting but I wasn't sure if they still had it as an option or not.
  6. Anyone know if this hat is still in the D'Backs rotation?
  7. I'd say Puma would probably have the best shot at this if it ever happened. But again, I don't know how it might affect recruiting. These kids are all conditioned to believe Nike and Adidas are far superior to everything else out there.
  8. If "attitude adjustment" means no longer believing their mono black looks good, I'm all for it.
  9. Can't believe nobody lists the Eagles on any of these lists. After the inevitable Cardinals rebrand, the Eagles move to the top of the list IMO.
  10. Wow!...a lot of nice looks there. Maybe it's just slipping my mind at the moment but I don't remember that pinstripe jersey at all.
  11. Obviously, he already knew.
  12. Unless they already had something in the works, I believe it's already too late for next season.
  13. Yeah...I'd get rid of the silver entirely and switch the helmet to either black or white. Black and that shade of blue easily work well enough together that you can get a nice clean look without a 3rd color.
  14. The Brewers were in the Virginia conversation in the late '90s too until Miller Park got built.
  15. I think expansion is a horrible idea right now. It seems like this whole process may be getting rushed, only because the league is collectively losing their asses right now and is desperate for revenue. We already have enough garbage basketball and don't need it watered down even more.