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  1. Should have just made a new set based on the color rush.
  2. I wonder if this stuff will still be available for retail since there won't be an ASG this year???
  3. That's the first thing I noticed...the horn looks like a moon, and you just can't unsee that.
  4. That Clippers script should have never left.
  5. ...and inevitably, we know that navy jersey will be worn at least 50% of the time this season.
  6. The mistake they made was shifting the focus of the identity to black.
  7. It would have helped if Denver wore the Mile High blue unis to brighten things up a bit.
  8. Something like this would have looked way better for the Brewers, but without the logo on back of course.
  9. They definitely do look cheap and generic. I'll still check them out once I see them in store, but I'm pretty sure I'm passing on this version.
  10. Do Nike authentics have the long tail like the Majestics?
  11. Wonder if we'll see goofy templates like this in MLB for the 2021 season?
  12. Seeing some Brewers spring training pics with regular game caps being worn, the "new" BiG defintiely needs a thicker yellow outline on the hats.
  13. $200 at Fanatics. But ughhh...that wordmark ruins it.