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  1. Lots of their old sets looked almost royal blue in some pics, I hated that. They needed a purple that looked purple, not blue.
  2. Hallelujah no more halloween home jerseys.
  3. Upgrade. The back of the home "association" jersey is not great, but overall major upgrade from the last 4 years. Grade: B
  4. That Dallas jersey looks clean.
  5. Conrad brought up a good point on Twitter. The leaked image from the Chinese site shows the numbers much smaller. This set will be an upgrade. Not perfect. Still want the full sunburst. But the purple/orange combo on home set makes it.
  6. Big numbers or not, this will be an upgrade from the disaster that was this:
  7. Big numbers or not, this will be an upgrade from the disaster that was this:
  8. Agreed. No black automatically makes them better. Need to see the full reveal, those numbers are huge.
  9. ^^^^ Good god in heaven that mid-court logo is just awful ^^^^
  10. Yep. Patiently waiting my Twitter push alert, LOL.
  11. ESPECIALLY the wolf head. I think I saw a small howling wolf on the side of the shorts, but IMHO it should be incorporated more.
  12. Jesus, those stripes in the midway point of the shorts make it look like another pair of shorts coming out beneath. Not a fan. Not at all. I hated the trees, now I miss them. I'm now seeing the forest for the trees.
  13. I just want to say I'm proud my Suns forced the term "butt stripe" into our lexicon.
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