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  1. In an "almost was", the New York Jets went to the throwbacks in 1998 and made it to the AFC Championship game.
  2. Hoping that’s the first step in returning to the throwbacks full time.
  3. Now that the Falcons & Patriots have updated their looks, correct me if I am wrong, but that just leaves the Cardinals & Bengals using their Reebok-era side panels look, right?
  4. I never realized the Jets did the Namath throwback using green helmets twice - the first time was in 1993 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Bowl III, where they didn’t even bother to add the helmet stripes, just peeled the logo off and replaced it with the 60s version (according to the Gridiron Database this was the first use of a throwback uniform btw): Then for the 1994 NFL 75th season throwbacks, the Jets switched the Jersey to green and added the helmet stripes:
  5. Remind me, does the 5 year rule apply to changes to number style and pants?
  6. This is an amazing set. Something for everyone - classic traditional look and then the mono-blues for the fire emoji crowd. All-navy one reminds me a ton of Kent State.
  7. I had to point out what changed to a few of my friends as well. IDK, I think maybe people instinctively look at the helmet first? That's why we saw a lot of people saying the Bucs barely changed as well.
  8. Had they gone back to the actual 70s / 80s Sack Exchange era uniforms and the JETS airplane wordmark logo, I think people would be willing to accept these over the classic Namath look. Instead they tried to merge the two eras and also make something new. It reminds me of when Continental and United merged and they tried to combine the two logos and liveries. The biggest issue with the current set is it looks like they were drawn out by different design teams in separate rooms.
  9. I give the current look 5-10 years and they’ll go back to the classic look. Probably closer to 10 since the current set isn’t a total dumpster fire like the Bucs and Browns were. It’s just not going to age well.
  10. Yeah, I'm surprised they are waiting so long as well. We all know outside of this crowd & the Browns fan base, most are going to see the Browns redesign and talk about how boring it is, or ask what changed? AKA "Mailing it in".
  11. Throwbacks look great. I don't hate the white set.
  12. When your only company is the Browns and Jets, rethink everything.
  13. I like it! Even the all pewter one - I take that over the goofy monored look from the last set any day.
  14. Looking at the new logo next to the Rams previous logos on the mothership page has me agreeing the Rams head logo should be the primary, with the LA one being the alternate.
  15. I'm sure it has been pointed out somewhere, but really reminds me of the new microsoft edge logo:
  16. According to the site: The gradient in the horn transitions from a white horn to a more vibrant ‘Sol’ horn as a way to pay homage to the evolution of the color of the horns that have historically adorned the Rams’ helmets.
  17. If any team can pull off the vintage white in the NFL it is the Browns. It works REALLY well with their colors.
  18. I think switching to a white helmet helps a lot - that way you can keep the modern pirate theme, while also having the ability to wear proper throwbacks twice a year. You get the best of both worlds on the field, and the additional merchandise sales off.
  19. If it were a bull it would be a great logo for Merrill Lynch. That's the vibe I get from it.
  20. Ugh, can't stand Fanatics. Bought two Marlins shirts off there last year and after two washes the logos had already rubbed off. Main reason I stick to what I can find in the local stores or when I go to a game.
  21. The only positive about the Jets black uniforms is they haven't overused them - just the predictable prime time games. And based on the Jets performance this year, we won't be seeing many of those next season. My initial fear was we were going to see them right out of the gate and then nearly every week.
  22. The Dolphins are crazy if they don’t switch back to the throwbacks full-time (once they are a respectable team again). Also, leave it to the Steelers to ruin what should have been the best uniform matchup of the year.
  23. So disappointed in the Fanatics replicas - they are honestly about as embarrassing looking as the Chinese knockoffs from a few years back. Wore my brand new Fanatics home jersey to a game last year, and my dad sees someone with the proper Adidas version and turns to me and says “How come yours looks like :censored:?”. Thanks Dad. But I couldn’t argue with him.
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