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  1. So disappointed in the Fanatics replicas - they are honestly about as embarrassing looking as the Chinese knockoffs from a few years back. Wore my brand new Fanatics home jersey to a game last year, and my dad sees someone with the proper Adidas version and turns to me and says “How come yours looks like :censored:?”. Thanks Dad. But I couldn’t argue with him.
  2. Jets white over green might be my favorite combo so far for the new uniforms.
  3. Kind of wish the Titans took a page out of the Jags uniforms and didn't have the weird gray shoulder things - it would make for a pretty plain jersey, but would be a good mix of modern and classic. Also think it wouldn't look dated a few years from now.
  4. Was reading a Panthers Q&A from July by George Richards on The Athletic and saw this big on the Panthers third: Sounds like guessing on his part, but interesting to see any red throwback pretty much dismissed in the first sentence.
  5. As far as potential alternates for the Yankees go, those wouldn’t be terrible.
  6. “The brown remains the same”
  7. Dolphins one would make for a nice alternate. Will agree with the group who likes the Tampa one more than their actual home jersey. Don’t hate the Jags one either. Bills one reminds me too much of the Patriots for some reason. Never understood the Giants in red jerseys when they actually wore them, don’t understand them now.
  8. They also apparently didn’t ask their focus group to wear a black jersey in July / August Florida sun. I ended up picking up the white home jersey at the game last weekend. I’ll admit the black jersey looks really sharp up close, but that thing would be way too hot to wear down here during baseball season.
  9. They showed the promo at one point during the game on Sunday and it actually got a bit of a cheer from the crowd. Pretty notable considering it was uniform related and the place was majority Philly fans.
  10. My wife got this hat at the game yesterday - saw it on a few people (mostly women) as well. I don't hate the look and it was popular:
  11. Liked the concept above without the outline. Tried it out with an ocean blue and coral instead of blue and red. Also tried out the OG colors as well: Or, if they just want to avoid being the next Padres all-together, just go back to the colors that the fans loved to begin with:
  12. The drive would be tolerable if it was rewarded with a great stadium experience - but the one trip I've made to the Trop was a flashback to Continental Airlines Arena circa 2003 when they pretty much left it in disrepair to justify building the Rock. I'm in Fort Myers, I have the choice of a 2.5 hour drive to the Trop, or 2.5 hour drive to Marlins Park. The trip over to Miami is a bit easier - pretty much a straight shot down on 75 and there are no bridges to contend with. However, the main deciding factor for me is that Marlins Park is honestly the nicest stadium I have ever been to. If the Marlins could just but a consistently competent team together and win back the fans, they already have the great stadium experience in place.
  13. Bears throwbacks are amazing - the socks are interesting but I don’t think they ruin it at all. So far really pleased with both of the throwbacks released this week.
  14. And unless my eyes are really messed up, having the ball up and right makes it look like the R is off-center (I know it isn’t, but much like the Jets new logo, it just looks that way). It’s messing with my OCD.