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  1. Texas Tech’s new 2020 threads. Downgraded in my opinion.
  2. mth_05

    Texas Tech Concept

    Thanks for the feedback, the masked rider logo is one that was modernized in the "Updating Vintage Logos" thread, so while I get your point it is slightly updated and not just an old logo pasted on top. I feel like I was clearly trying to go with a more retro vibe with the logos, so that's why I've reintroduced a classic Tech logo. I think with both of my alternate logos I was trying to incorporate more black like you said but maybe there's a better way to do that with the primary as well.
  3. Alright, I think the Red Raiders could go for an identity refresh/upgrade. Their recent uniforms were an upgrade in my opinion from the previous UnderArmour looks that we have rolled out but still left something to be desired and IMO have aged greatly. The pants have been tweaked slightly to remove the "Guns Up" text and the stripes are modified a little as well. The jerseys now feature contrasting TV numbers on the shoulder tops (inspired by the Ohio State national championship unis), and a sublimated pattern on the sleeve caps. This pattern is an homage to those found on the shoulders of the suits that Spanish Matadors wore (this is what the school's original mascot was, and elements can still be found on the masked rider mascot). I also think the "Double T" logo looks better flat - but our stadium upgrade included a beveled logo on the scoreboard that was solid red which is a nice combination of simple and modern over the current look. So enough of all that, here are the goods. C&C welcome. I've put together some different combinations the team could wear, as well as a throwback set. Home & Road Color Rush Home Alts (white helmet) Red Alts (red helmet) Throwback
  4. This set looks great. Would love to see some uniform sets to see what you were thinking for that. I was working on a Rangers rebrand myself but don't think I can match this! Only complaint I have is that I dislike logos that have the ball of the sport in them but it actually works well here (agree that the red stitching looks better).
  5. mth_05

    Team USA Soccer

    How's this for the alt instead? Clearly if you went this route the standard blue would be omitted from the set.
  6. mth_05

    Team USA Soccer

    I don't know why the blue seems off, granted it is a little dark I tried to go for a shade maybe slightly darker than a standard Navy. I knew the black would be questioned, but I was thinking that with nike at the helm, there would always be the possibility of something like this and I tried to negate the BFBS look to make it something cool and avoid the neon colors (honestly was thinking you could use it with the "black shirts" moniker that some football teams use with a stout and stingy defense..maybe it's too much of a stretch). I also know the home set is a little out there but I love the classic stripes and just wanted to modernize it a bit and pay a little homage to the new crest that I created.
  7. mth_05

    Team USA Soccer

    I don't post very often, and actually have never done anything soccer related, but when I saw the new logo and leaked jersey I just couldn't help myself. I think it's a step in the right direction, but I wanted to try something a little different. So without further ado, here's what I could come up with. Just as a side note, the change kits could be worn as solid colors and the alt set would be used as a warm up or a special occasion/rivalry type match. C&C is welcome!
  8. These are great, TCU looks so much better with that pattern limited to the shoulders. Would love to see what you can do with the Red Raiders!
  9. Love the Rangers but hate so much about their current look so I tried to create something that felt in line with some of the history and not a complete ground up redo. Very much inspired by some of the modern retro threads that have gone on around here. Anyways I'm a long time lurker for the most part, so C&C is welcome on my first thread post. First things first, here's the New Logo: Home Unis: Road Unis:
  10. I think the lack of a tail is throwing me off on this one. It just doesn't scream shark in its current state. I'm also a little confused at the top fin, as it looks like there might be a slight part of the dorsal fin showing behind it that looks awkward. Or on second look, are we looking at it from above and the dorsal fin is hiding one of the side fins? (My first impression was that we were looking at the underside of the shark with it pulling up and to the right)
  11. Awesome job again ren! The subtle changes to the horse and the rider worked out great and brought life back into my favorite Tech logo, wish we would go back to something more like this instead of that 3D thing we're showing off now.
  12. agree completely, that doesn't look nearly as good as I thought it would in those colors! I still say keep that first one though, it works in the green and gold. Can't wait to see what you have for the Hammerheads.
  13. I'd like to see the white helmet, green ray, and red face mask like you had for the road pride set. I think it turned out looking alright though, maybe the wings take a look that gives less of a horn feel, coming more across the side of the helmet. I think its a nice alternate and fits the bill for a helmet that would only be worn on certain special occasions.
  14. I think it would be interesting to look at making the logo on the helmet a little different, especially on those white pride sets. It might not turn out great, but what if the helmet front looked something like michigan or philly with the manta ray "wings" coming from the front down the sides and having the stinger as the stripe down the middle. Other than that I think you've created a nice look and maybe since the Big12 whiffed on everyone else come expansion time they could be a part of that league?