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  1. And Philadelphia now! Hope you enjoy it
  2. And, another one, Miami: -Colours: black, blue, pink and white from Miami Heat "Vice City" uniform colours -Florida Panthers' crest shape -Two panthers from Florida Panthers alternative logo -Dolphin from Miami Dolphins logo -Firey ball from Miami Heat logo -"Miami" name from Miami Marlins name -Sun from Inter Miami crest
  3. Thank you for your input, Heitert. Those two guys did a great work, but I don't try to do something similar. I'm ok with the San Francisco logo. In the Boston one, I change the colour of the shamrock, I think it looks better:
  4. And now: -City: San Francisco -Colours: San Francisco 49ers' red ( #aa0000 ) and Golden State Warriors gold ( #fdb927 ) -Shape of the Warriors crest -San Francisco Giants' wordmark -San Francisco Giants' cap logo -San Francisco 49ers' former alternative logo
  5. Nothing is left to chance... New England, but also the Irish shamrock. And the Union Jack colours aren't in that disposition (and the design is a little diferent for sure).
  6. Let's go again! -City: Boston -Colours: Boston Red Sox red (#bd3039) and blue (#192c55) -Shape of Boston Bruins' crest -'Boston' name from Boston Red Sox jersey logo -Boston Celtics' shamrock -New England Patriots' former alternative hat logo -Tree from the New England's flag (used in the New England Revolution's uniforms)
  7. Update logos. I just made little changes in my two previous designs. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. Thank you for your opinions! He were go with another one: Los Angels (part II) -City: Los Angeles -Colours: Los Angeles Clippers colours (red (#c8102e) and blue (#1d428a) -'Los Angeles' name from the Los Angeles Clippers former jersey logo -Los Angeles Chargers logo -Duck mask from Anaheim Mighty Ducks former misc logo -Wings from Los Angeles Angels former logo -Shape from Los Angeles FC logo
  9. Hello! I just want to start a concept topic about a mashup of logos of the franchises from each city. The result will be a logo for each city (in NY and LA two logos) representing the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and MLS teams. So, this is the first one: Los Angeles (part I). -City: Los Angeles -Colours: Los Angeles Lakers colours (purple (#552583 ) and gold (#fdb927) -LA letters from the Los Angeles Lakers jersey logo -Ram head from the Los Angeles Rams logo -'Los Angeles' name from the Los Angeles Dodgers jersey logo -Baseball from the Los Angeles Dodgers logo -Crown from the Los Angeles Kings logo -Shape from the LA Galaxy logo Thank you for your time here.
  10. I guess Miami MLS Club will show its identity the day that Madrid and Barça will play in the city.
  11. wences

    LA Rams Logo

    Well done, fantastic!
  12. Yesterday, Alavés wore Baskonia (basketball team from the same city, Vitoria-Gasteiz) against Sevilla showing the mutual suppot between the two clubs. http://www.marca.com/baloncesto/acb/2017/03/06/58bdc2d9468aebbd188b4626.html Previously, Baskonia did the same, wearing a blue and white jersey.
  13. Maybe Beckham isn't going to Las Vegas, maybe that project is over. But Miami Beckham United group still tells to the people that they are in the running to get the Miami MLS team. Only time will tell.
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