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  1. I guess Miami MLS Club will show its identity the day that Madrid and Barça will play in the city.
  2. wences

    LA Rams Logo

    Well done, fantastic!
  3. Yesterday, Alavés wore Baskonia (basketball team from the same city, Vitoria-Gasteiz) against Sevilla showing the mutual suppot between the two clubs. http://www.marca.com/baloncesto/acb/2017/03/06/58bdc2d9468aebbd188b4626.html Previously, Baskonia did the same, wearing a blue and white jersey.
  4. Maybe Beckham isn't going to Las Vegas, maybe that project is over. But Miami Beckham United group still tells to the people that they are in the running to get the Miami MLS team. Only time will tell.
  5. Amazing final minutes in the Zenit-Anderlecht match. Zenit lost in Brussels 2-0, they were winning 3-0 but, 2 mins left, Anderlecht scored the definitive 3-1.
  6. I just realise that http://mockuparena.com/library is down. Over?
  7. Easy reply: impossible if they will play in a new stadium placed where Sam Boyd Stadium is.
  8. If the logo is bad, this kit is worse Anyway, thank you for sharing it, Berlin Wall, always a great job in this post
  9. To be clear: why a rebrand? If the Raiders get the deal, they won't arrive Las Vegas before 2019 (because they will haven't NFL Stadium in Nevada before).
  10. Thank you thank you!!! I repeat, the final result is amazing!! What software do you use? Did you have any problem with this? :