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  1. Prolly reverse the Broncos as they have no orange pants... .......Except their color rush.....two white tops vs. each other would look like that 1964 Det vs. Minn. mistake 1st half game in the old Met...
  2. Forty-Niners are pretty much my fave or 2nd fave helmet in the NFL. It's one of a few I don't mind a grey facemask. I prefer SF in whites, as red in all sports unis "pops" so much. Gold under the red-numerals on white is a perfect balance. I am not in favor or their all-whites throwback as the game becomes just too white blinded - like old skool college games (think Nebraska vs. Oklahoma).
  3. UPDATE: For the NFC WC game on Sunday - My Vikes are bringing the Purple tops, And I assume white pants. So for NO - I expect their all whites they seemed to love this season where the pants were plain with just hip logo - terrible practice combo look. Game will look a touch better than original slated matchup of white/purple Vikes vs. All Black Saints, but not much!
  4. I looked later on for the pics to confirm this was only a TV camera/lighting issue. Unless he changed at halftime? This Dallas game last week @NYG plus this game vs. MIN is one of those rare times in uni history of the NFL where a team wore the same jersey both weeks but different pants. Prolly happens with SEA most often.
  5. My beef on the three matchups above is the Rams throwback. I never liked the Navy Helmet with their full-bore Royal blue unis. We still don't know what the eventual "new" Rams look is, but please, no combos of such blues .... aka - Dallas whites home.
  6. I like What your Seahawks do in respect to undershirts/sleeves better than my Vikes. I still vote on contrasting sleeves to jersey color first as the best look, would call changing out to match per game jersey as Seattle does next (better), and last place would be the Vikes choice of the dark primary color only used for undershirts/sleeves all jersey versions as the worst look. There are even a few teams that only go with white undershirts/sleeves at all times in dark or white jerseys - a look I like very well. All of this is not the same issue with those NBA-style compression arm sleeves. I do recognize that on the Vikes and mostly all football teams, players seem to have a choice of which color they wear. Here again - I would prefer the lighter shade of two-colors teams worn (yellow-Minn) or white ones - arms look bigger/stronger, contrasts with a crisp pop - just nicer appearance.
  7. So, I am likely correct in summizing it is the ownership or Equipment manager making this call for always Purple under shirts of either long or short sleeves. I used to believe it was a "laundry-simpler" thing, maybe they don't like the stained and dirty whites post game vs. darks showing none of that....heck, I do that with my choice of golf shirts for years now - I never wear white ones! Look like crap all the time. But, I've seen many .jpgs of Vikings' practice shots both indoors/out for the past several seasons with all their players sporting long sleeves of white or even grey. Laundry wouldn't matter then... Owners are actually "dressing" the team.
  8. In the top pix, helmet matches the uni for both combos - socks done right! The 2nd pix, helmet matches pants, still great socks! Only slight beef I have is Bills Grey Masks, but I am not really into either white/red/blue so much either - all of which they wore with other helmet looks. The third pix only has a couple of element that are not horrible - Titans pants/socks is best part combo on current set. Helmets Not matching either jersey or pants in each can be interesting - but in this Carolina version - it is an eyesore with light helmet over mono-dark.
  9. It's fine with me - Vikes' fan since '70! I love the current white over purple as their best look. It is crisp, and proportionate to the other way, there is more purple square inch than white. One fault is the socks, not uncommon to football unis as they leotard into the purple pants - Need Yellow Ones! One very ACD I have about football unis that really bothers me with my Purple Gang. Arm sleeves/accessories. I want white compression undershirts or long sleeves on all the time when they wear purple tops - the contrast would make way bettter "Pop" for the jerseys. I truly believe the Vikings owners or Equipment managers have some type of uniform code policy that bans white compression undershirts of short or long sleeves with all jersey versions. No guy ever wears white since Patterson was on this team several seasons back for a few games. I can tolerate the purple sleeves and such with the white tops, but don't players of all teams realize your arms look bigger in white sleeves, compression undershirts, compression sleeves than dark ones? He-man sport - look stronger, play it! #91 - bad look below. I actually tweeted to Kirk to wear white undershirts with Purple tops off-season to no luck.... Finally, biggest guy on the Vikings not looking as strong and menacing as he could with white sleeves instead!
  10. In advance of the team wearing "Primetime Purple" uniforms next Thursday against the Redskins, see the transformation of Vikings uniforms throughout the years. I'm a touch too young to recall the original purple pants they wore in the '60's - but those were fantastic! Why Owner Wilf doesn't fork over a few $ to add in a yellow topped socks is beyond me.....It would eliminate the leotard effect current with purple standard pants and gonna be way worse with the full purple/yellow combo coming next week. https://www.vikings.com/photos/minnesota-vikings-uniforms-through-the-years#a66d05fb-e8ac-4ad0-aee2-87d77c68bfb8
  11. The mono-chromed blackout pants of the Saints and Ravens look like a Uniform Policy Violation. If those show up at a game, make 'em change!
  12. Some Some excellent "contrast" games today with White over Color vs. Color over White/grey. Wash/NY, KC/Det, Car/Hou, and NW/Buf - in that order.
  13. The purple pants must stay as they looked great on the field. The one thing that I don't like at all about the sets is that the black masks really look out of place. Considering masks can now be custom colored they really should put more effort into creating a purplue one that matches the helmet finish. If masks can indeed, sure would be nice for them in Gold. I wanted more in each set. How 'bout gold face masks? Change the boring purple topped socks to either gold topped or at least add gold horizontal stripes. Breaks up leotard effect with purple pants. All this effort required for more decent uni sets. Sometimes you think the teams forget we live in a Hi Def world - most every thing from jpgs. to digital video is in color.
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