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  1. I'd be willing to bet a lot that Nottingham Albion beats Hamden AFC
  2. These are starting to turn into a joke... Like you can't ever use anything from somebody else's work unless you have their permission, which I assume you dont. Also change the program you use or hand draw them bc they seem rushed and in result are poor quality
  3. @gswansea your teams are 16-6-10... thats pretty good hahaha. Mine are 8-10-14
  4. Kind of annoying how 6 of your teams move on and only 2 of mine moved on... Could have spread it out a little
  5. Hamden AFC Stuttgart, Germany 2015 record: 28 - 2 - 8 Last relegation: 1976-1977 Last Promotion: 1981-1982 Founded in 1899, Hamden AFC is one of the origional clubs in the Super Liga and have won 11 championships. That's the most of any club to have been in the Super Liga. Hamden AFC also known as the "Pigs" won this seasons 15-16 playoffs and are the 2016 Super Liga Champions beating AS Florence in the finals. Hamden's crest features Hamdens short name, HA, and AFC. Above the crest is the hooped pole with the Hamden Crown. Hamden wears a classic green and blue Primary kit and an all white Clash Kit. This concludes the Super Liga, I hope you enjoyed
  6. Bristol United F.C. London, England 2015 record: 3 - 6 - 29 Last relegation: 1975-1976 Last Promotion: 2013-2014 Founded in 1900, Bristol United is the second best team located in London, and has won 3 championships in the Super Liga. United holds the biggest rivalry with Olympic Hartsdale, "Battle for Ben" (battle for Big Ben) which Olympic has won the last 10 of those games. This season Bristol finished 3rd to last in relegation scare which would have been a real lose for them since they were just promoted back into the league. Bristol's roundel crest pays homage to the Bristol Castle in the center of the roundel. Their Brown adidas primary Henley kit features a two tone front color panel. Their Yellow/gold Clash Kit features a Wheat silhouette which is in their Crest.
  7. Milford F.C. Trondheim, Norway 2015 record: 2 - 5 - 31 Last relegation: 1998-1999 Last Promotion: 2000-2001 Founded in 1904, Milford F.C. has never won a championship and has only appeared in the Super Liga playoffs twice. This goes without saying that Milford F.C. has been promoted and then relegated back and forth the most out of any club. This season Milford F.C. finished second to last and will be relegated to Supa 2 next season. They only managed 2 wins... Milford's crest features the front of a viking vessel as they are also known as the "Vikings" and use Nike's "Kimono" jersey for their primary kit in all red. Their clash kit uses the V neck with second layer cut with an all neon/yellow kit to give it that modern feel since Milford is trying to gain the populatirty of fans in more central Europe.
  8. I wont be following this anymore.. Very unethical since you tried to pass it as your own.
  9. Yeah I agree, Tottenham will always come to mind but for some reason the colors on the crest and jerseys spoke Italy to me. And also the fact that it was Florence, pretty well known city in Italy.
  10. Sporting Redding Roma, Italy 2015 record: 20 - 12 - 6 Last relegation: 1962-1963 Last Promotion: 1978-1979 Founded in 1899, Sporting Redding is one of the original teams in the Super Liga and have won 8 championships. The Italian club is known for having a strong representation of Italian futbol players in their club. Also known as the "Fighting Reds" the club finished in the wildcard spot this season but unfortunately lost FC Wallingford. Sporting Redding won their last championship in 2000 and have made the playoffs 20 years in a row. Sporting Redding's primary kit uses their "Fighting Red" color with darker red hoops. Their uniforms have always had a showing of the Italian flag or its colors, this year their primary kit uses a three tier cut collar with the Italian flag. The all Black and gold clash kit uses a V sash in lines that form the Italian flag and its colors.
  11. Love Eintracht Stuttgart, the crest is perfect and the kits are very well done
  12. Sporting Waterbury Manchester, England 2015 record: 5 - 8 - 25 Last relegation: 1989-1990 Last Promotion: 2013-2014 Founded in 1899, Sporting Waterbury is one of the original teams in the Super Liga and have won 4 championships throughout its existence. This was Sporting's second season from relegation play in the Supa 2. Sporting Waterbury's players are also known as the "Seekers." This season they finished slightly better than their previous season and hope to stay out of relegation for years to come. The team plays in Manchester and is the only club from Manchester to ever play in the Super Liga. Sporting Waterbury's crest features its signature shield with the Waterbury "W" in it. Waterbury wears a blue Henley collar primary kit with it a dark shaded sash. The Clash kit features a light gray kit which represents the fans nickname, "The Knights".