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  1. Jesus Christ, there are too many people on this board without a sense of humour. . . At least i have NEVER attacked other posters here on ccslc and i don´t think i am so important, that people care about if i am retired on a internet forum.
  2. No doubt, the satin jackets were nice
  3. Perhaps some posters with knowledge and interest could show and tell us about dugout jackets, what year they first were worn, which brand and stuff like that. . I know Majestic comes out with new ones every 2 years, it could be fun to see the timeline from when they first was used, up til present day
  4. I like 'em both.And with a 162 game schedule, I think there is room for 'em. But never should both teams where an alt and never should an alt be worn more than 16 times a season (i.e., 10%). I had no doubt you did...it was more towards Phils Phan.......hating alts but loving athlectic wear just puzzels me........but everyones taste is different........ phils taste just happen to suck !. No, i am just kidding phil, pullovers FTW ! :-)
  5. okay, but could´t you just have moved my post into that tread insted of deleting it ?
  6. Yeah, a walkoff win and the big heads are fun, still does not make them better then the first picture of a pitcher
  7. oh right.......bad way to show support for the police, keep sport teams out of this stuff
  8. What about the A´s green jerseys and the Angels red jersey......don´t tell us you hate those beauties ?
  9. then what do you call the grey jersey with Dodgers on the front ? now that is :censored:ing pointless.. A royal blue Dodgers jersey could be great, it is after all their primary color.
  10. OP hates alternates, but asks why teams don´t have a ton of them .......makes sense
  11. You're right, it would be a much, much worse idea.A worse idea then a ton of alternates ?