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  1. I understand that, but I thought setting a limit would help better answer the question.
  2. From 1969-2004, the Expos drafted/signed and developed these Hall of Famers into major league players: Gary Carter Andre Dawson Tim Raines Randy Johnson Vladimir Guerrero Possible Hall of Farmer: Larry Walker That is pretty impressive. Did any other team develop as many during that time period? I can think of 4 with the Padres; Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Gwynn, and Roberto Alomar.
  3. Yes, the move to DC has been a success. The nostalgia surrounding the Expos, in my opinion, comes from the recognition that Montreal had a history of great players but never really had a fair shake. They played in a bad stadium with horrible ownership at the end of their term. I think a lot of people wonder what the Montreal market could be like if there was ownership/management in place with a proper stadium that gave a darn.
  4. This is a poor method to determine success. Going with your method, the Nationals have already been wildly more successful than the Expos were as 5 playoff berths in 14 years is much more than the 1 appearance the Expos made in 35 years. I think most fanbases would like to have had the postseason appearances the Nationals have had since 2012 when they began their current run. Add on to the fact that the Nationals were able to secure a new stadium, have ample crowds, and an ownership group that spends money on the team; I am not sure what is debatable about the Nationals being a success.
  5. Is the draft going to be broadcast somewhere? If not, I don't see it as the place to show off helmets and uniforms. Probably wait for a later date when a team's player can model it in a league wide announcement.
  6. The gold pants should never return, and I think the purple pants would look better without the white stripe.
  7. The Cardinals do not have a navy alt uniform.
  8. I am just citing history. In recent history, Portland fans did not show up to support AAA baseball. Nashville has.
  9. This, 100x this, but I know Barrel Man is beloved by Brewers fans on this site.
  10. Nashville makes way more sense than Portland does in regards to supporting baseball.
  11. A walk-off sac fly from the player that has been the face of the current generation can do no wrong, and Cardinals fans don’t care what anyone else thinks about that.
  12. A lot of white uniforms for the home teams last night. Is white at home (at least some of the time) returning for a majority of NBA teams?
  13. Jerry Krause was a really smart guy, and did a great job building a team around Michael Jordan. Jerry Krause was also an egomaniac, and that’s what drove everyone away.
  14. Barrelman is not a good looking mascot, and should not be featured if/when the Brewers release new uniforms.
  15. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but an Utz advertisement is being imposed onto the batter’s eye in St. Louis when the ball is hit into the outfield. If you aren’t watching the game, I assure you it looks as bad as it sounds.