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  1. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think they are the best looking pinstripe team. Good-looking classic? Yes. I think the Cubs and Mets look better. I would add the Rockies too if they removed the front number.
  2. Keep the white script/blue front number jersey and bring back the powder blue cap.
  3. Isn’t this the design they used after the Boston Marathon bombing? It was thrown together quickly then. It has sort of become a tradition now, and I don’t think it will change.
  4. I think the Cardinals had a flag for every MLB team and the Cards minor league teams on the top of Busch Stadium II. They auctioned them off in 2005. I can’t find a great picture at the moment. Today, I think the current Busch only has flags for the minor league affiliates.
  5. The Cardinals have been screwing up their brand since the beginning of 2013.
  6. The Cardinals are wearing their new powder blue road uniforms tonight in Milwaukee
  7. Lots of good posts here. I don’t worry about 5950s stretching out. With a lot of wear, the poly hats will conform to your head and maybe even shrink a little, but nothing like the shrinkage you would get with the wool 5950s. The biggest difference I’ve seen between the traditional 5950s and the low profile is I believe the low profile runs slightly smaller. I buy a 7 5/8 when I’m getting a traditional 5950, but choose 7 3/4 when buying low profile. Might be the size and shape of my head, but going a size up works for me better on the low profile caps.
  8. I went back to see what I wrote for this thread. Most of it is the same, except for MLS. I never got into cheering for the Chicago Fire. The only MLS match I’ve been to was a DC United one and I had a great experience. I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve also become a fan of LAFC. Their stadium sits on the site where my graduation from USC was held. Being next door to the Colessium and near campus, made them a natural team to cheer for. I’m still waiting for MLS’s arrival in St. Louis.
  9. The Rangers, #TogetherWe, seems unfinished.
  10. The Rangers had a red cap and the Angels was navy. While these are similar, the Dodgers and Royals look more alike than anyone else.
  11. Saint Louis FC released this video showing their new primary kit today. For a team with vertical stripes in their logo, they have yet to feature them on a kit. What’s up with the white sleeves? Warning: This video may be considered NSFW (half joking)
  12. Now that we’ve seen it on the field, what is everyone’s opinion of this jersey? I’m not a fan.
  13. I’m a big fan of the DC logo/cap, but outside mascot logos, has a team ever had a cap logo that is not either representative of the team name city, nickname, or both? They are the WASHINGTON Nationals after all. Edit: That was their primary cap. The DC cap was an alt.
  14. I said “I wish” out loud when I saw this.
  15. So my hopes of a secondary kit with marble graphics almost happened. Maybe someday. I like the cherry white blossom kit too, but I would have kept the cherry blossoms off the shirt sponsor and made the crest black/white.