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  1. I think most people would agree it's one of the best looks in baseball, but by a wide margin?
  2. Yankees/Phillies isn't a hypothetical. It happened five years ago A's/Pirates to me would be gold heaven I agree on the A's and Pirates, but even if the Yankees and Phillies did happen, it was still a good combo.
  3. GOOD: Cardinals/Athletics Yankees/Phillies White Sox/Cubs BAD: Indians/Marlins Reds/Angels Royals/Dodgers
  4. Aren't throwbacks considered alternates? What I mean is that I like to see teams wear uniforms from the past rather than random ones that were just made up immediately.
  5. I actually prefer seeing teams were throwback uniforms rather than alternate uniforms.
  6. Listen here, guy, don't be all mad just because your dolphin is now some soulless shape. Oh? The Dolphins? I assumed we were talking about the Orioles, not the Dolphins.
  7. So, the Orioles are successful..... because of a logo change? Please, it's nothing more than a coincidence. However, I'm still glad they went back to the cartoon bird as Orioles fans seem to like it more.
  8. Steel Bowl at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. (I don't care who sponsors it)
  9. Again, I'm going to have to disagree with the "greatness" of this sports moments for a couple of reasons: 1) This was, in my opinion, one of the worst Super Bowls of all time. It wasn't entertaining in the least. 2) The Seahawks won. That last one may be a bit biased though; I am a Rams fan. And come to think of it, those Seahawks uniforms aren't that bad. Well, it was certainly a great moment for those Seattle fans. But about the uniform, I just can't stand that ridiculous "checkered" pattern in the number font. It also doesn't look good as the helmet and pant stripes. I'm also not a big fan of that "Action Green".
  10. It really bothers me how they left the peach uncolored, and the beveled text kinda makes the bowl seem 2nd rate. I did a shoddy edit on pdn and I think it would look miles better if they fixed those problems Improvement.
  11. Although I think their away uniforms are better than their home uniforms, I still think these are an eyesore.
  12. I love the idea from the MLS to make these team colored MLS logos and I love what you have done with the NHL. I would say the Rangers, Panthers, and Sabres are my favorite. Now, the Hurricanes and the Devils look way too similar so I would make the Hurricanes or the Devils outlines all black to distinguish themselves from one another. The Senators is too black so I would switch the red and black around. The Kings looks too similar to the NHL logo itself so I would make all of the outlines silver and leave the "NHL" as white. If that fails to work, I would simply switch the black and silver around. I would also make the slash on the Capitals blue just so it doesn't look too red. Everything else looks good to me.
  13. Yes, it would have been perfect. I would personally like to see a team do something more different instead of using a similar identity of a team in the same city.
  14. That would be pretty funny to see a Giants affiliate in "Oakland territory". THEY ARE SURROUNDED!
  15. My overall opinion still hasn't changed since 2012. I absolutely despise their logo and their uniforms are mediocre at best. Their primary colors are practically black and orange. They barely use that "Marlins Blue" which is very disappointing because it's such a nice color. The only thing I like about the Marlins as of now is their beautiful ballpark.
  16. Are we talking literally about "blocked" letter logos or just letter logos in general? If you mean the blocked ones then I agree that some blocked letter logos are atrocious, but a good amount of them aren't really that bad. Most of the college logos give me a bit of a different feel depending on the execution or history of the team. I really like Michigan's blocked "M" as it's pretty simple and doesn't really appeal to me as being bland since they've mostly used blocked "M's", but I hate Appalachian State's blocked "A" because their previous logo was so much better and now their current logo looks outdated. I personally can't stand pro teams using blocked letter logos unless their previous logo was even worse and there is no team I can think of that has a more terrible logo (I actually don't mind Cleveland's helmet logo).
  17. I highly doubt the Brewers will go back to those as they have a good thing going with their current set. Although they mainly use the navy and metallic gold, they also use the royal blue and gold as throwbacks. Not to mention that their team stores sell both current AND past merchandise equally so it's technically a win-win for "modernist" and "traditionalist".
  18. It's starting to look a lot better, nicely done!
  19. I have mixed feelings about this. I do think the Reds would look a bit better without the drop shadow and I despise how they consider black as part of their color scheme. I do like that you eliminated the unnecessary black bills on the road caps, but I'm also a bit intrigued by your white caps as I think they could easily work. I don't like how the cap logo is so circular to almost looking like the Cubs cap logo. I'm not a fan of the generic number font as it seems too bland with a team that pretty much only uses the color red. Not to mention that the current font they use is rather unique and it distances themselves from the other teams that may look traditionally generic. I also don't really like the Reds using pinstripes as it makes them look pink from a distance. I would stick with using white uniforms. A lot of people always talk about Mr. Redlegs looking similar to the Pringles logo and I constantly disagree, however, this takes the cake. I don't find Mr. Redlegs creepy at all, to be quite honest. This is all coming from a diehard Reds fan.
  20. I'm probably in the minority, but I never really liked the whole "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" scheme.
  21. Nice! I really like how the ring around the basketball makes it a planet. Orange is an interesting color choice, but I think it would stand out better if you used gold.
  22. Obviously, the main thing I like what you did was keeping the traditional look. The celtic knot is an interesting addition, however, you can barely see it on the shoulder. May I suggest slightly making it a little brighter? Either way, I like the overall concept. Also, did Notre Dame really switch from Adidas to Under Armour or was that just something you added?
  23. I like it! It would look even better if you changed the facemask color from white to aqua. I'm not sure how I feel about the wavy shoulder stripes, but the concept overall is fantastic.