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  1. You could have at least messages me about it ice_cap
  2. Manchester United IMO has to be a pretty overrated logo
  3. Ok sorry in thought it was overrated because I have heard lots of time that it's good
  4. In my opinion I think the old cavaliers logo is one of the most underrated logos In recent memories While I think the most overrated logos in my opinion is the current dolphins logo
  5. Waterboy makes me think of the soccer player boy waterman
  6. Will you release either of those two templates or nah
  7. If you keep on saying you don't want to win biscuits why must you continuously comment
  8. Yeah probably not my smartest choice but I hope I'm nominated
  9. I'm curious what defines a Rookie of the year
  10. Hope the decision is a good decision for the awards
  11. Oh CCSLC where rivalrys begin

  12. Hoping to see my name announced for the ROTY
  13. I'm curious how come I can't access the English premier league logos
  14. I like what your thinking but I don't like the ducks eyes and you should make a wordmark
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