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  1. You said right there, mate.
  2. The number is 2. The name is Eichel, while the wordmark says Madrid Psychos.
  3. Exactly. We need to change the mood of all this. All thy bad posts shalt be ridden of by the administrators.
  4. Wish granted. BTW: The Russian text reads "Moskva Camouflage" and "SETOGUCHI", while the Greek text reads "Athens Crocodiles" and "Ovechkin".
  5. It is in Texas where one of the nearest ice hockey arenas to Mexico is.
  6. I'm 15. Plus, I've been on these boards for a while.
  7. First of all, that was my intention for the logos. Second of all, I originally had 26 on the back. Third of all, the hearts were also intended. Fourth of all, the Reds preview jersey was supposed to be mainly red. Lastly, I use a program called ibispaint for the main designs, while another program, called Phonto, is used for applying the numbers.
  8. I posted these concepts on the forums already, but I got the most negative feedback. I need more positive feedback. Can anyone give any?
  9. 15. And... Do that one more time, or you're gonna get bad luck.
  10. I decided to start up a fantasy league known as the Earth Hockey League. It starts off with four teams: Washington Speedsters (US) Victoria Foxes (CAD) Tokyo Roses (JPN) Mexico Reds (MEX) The rosters are filled with NHLers. The rosters will be released soon. Here's where they'll play: Washington: Verizon Center (where the Capitals play) Victoria: Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre (where the Royals play) Tokyo: The Big Hat (where the ice hockey events in the 1998 Olympics were held) Mexico: Monterrey Arena
  11. That's an Ottawa Senators uniform. He wore similar colours in Calgary.
  12. If you search "canucks 1970 uniform", you'll see why I did the inversion.