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  1. Mixed feelings, to be honest. Some good, some bad.Love:The pegasus on the shoulderThe stripe over the helmetNo more ugly pants stripeThe stripe below the shoulderBigger uniform numbersHate:No more gold jerseysNo more gold pantsNot one, but two shades of gray We look like the Oakland Raiders
  2. The maroon, yellow and white would blend better without the blue imo.
  3. I'm not a Broncos fan, but Denver's current logo (serious & more intimidating) was a major improvement over their old cartoonish one. Never understood the fascination some have with it.
  4. NFL: Eagles Redskins Titans CFB: Notre Dame Penn State Georgia Tech North Carolina (before they went full retard w/ the new black unis) Charlotte Colorado State Texas State
  5. UCF (gold on white) vs Houston (red on white) UCF (gold on white) vs Tulsa (powder blue on white) UCF (black on gold) vs Memphis (blue on silver) UCF (gold on white) vs ECU (purple on white)