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  1. I never liked the gray facemask for the Browns. I thought it was bland and have preferred either white or brown. But for some reason on the new throwbacks I really like how it looks. And I can't for the life of me put my finger on it.
  2. Looks like they're going with a custom number font
  3. The C feels a little cartoony to me, but it could be worse. I like the script and the block lettering. Gives me a little bit of the '70s wishbone era vibes.
  4. Two thoughts: -Loving the new template -I wish the NFL had preseason uniforms, similar to MLB with spring training. Hate seeing a new uniform debut in a preseason game.
  5. As a diehard Cleveland fan, I love this. While I agree with some of the nitpicky stuff above, the overall vibe is exactly what I'm hoping for. Guardians is my #1 choice, and while I doubt they'll change the color scheme I think it would be best to do so. Since you said you'd like to try some other color schemes, I'd love to see this in a wine/light blue scheme.
  6. The orange/red clash wasn't as bad as I anticipated, but I'd still prefer white over white. I love the orange pants as much as the next guy, but I wish white would still be the primary and save the orange for a couple games a year where they really look awesome (like against the Steelers and Ravens). The brown pants are...fine...there's just never a single situation where I'd prefer them over white or orange.
  7. The fact that real human beings with brains said "What's the difference?" when the new uniforms came out will never not amaze me.
  8. Wait, you're telling me you have a life outside of being the NFL week by week uniform matchup combo guy?
  9. I knew it was coming, but I thought we would get one more season before the attack.
  10. I know it's called the World Series, but emphasizing the globe makes it feel like the WBC.
  11. The peasants of the general public never cease to amaze me.
  12. Thank you for striking terror into my heart
  13. This week features some good uniforms but bad matchups in my opinion. Packers are obviously great but the Rams ruin the matchup. And then I'm a big contrast guy so the other three matchups have too many colors right next to each other on the color wheel for my liking: -Ravens purple vs. Bills blue -Browns orange (especially since they're wearing orange pants) vs. Chiefs red -Bucs pewter vs. Saints all black
  14. The last time they wore orange pants at Heinz Field was in 2003, which also happens to be the last time they won a game at Heinz field before last night. And that was also a Sunday night game.
  15. White pants is by far the best option against a red/orange team, but I have a feeling they'll go with orange again because they've won two in a row now with those.
  16. First time since 2004 that we’ll see this matchup (+ striped socks for Cleveland and brown facemask)
  17. Unless I'm mistaken, which is very possible, I believe this will be the first non-preseason game since 2017 that the Saints will wear white over gold.
  18. I thought for sure Cleveland would go color rush for Monday night against Baltimore, but it looks like they may be going brown on orange.
  19. I know some people will say this isn't a legit source, but he's been right all year.
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