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  1. Those are CavFanatics jerseys, they are designed to mix and match former uniform elements and only be used for one year
  2. That's awesome dude, my favorite jersey is the Waldo ones
  3. Amazing finds, what did you get them for?
  4. They thing is the Rays also have a "TB" monogram which can only be for Tampa bay, versus a J which can be for any town or city. Even the Jacksonville Suns have Jacksonville in their logo. Even if it's a small on that would fit on top of the Gators wordmark to the right of the top of the G it would complete the logo and the identity.
  5. Personally, I disagree. I don't think there's much use creating a J-ville script if it isn't used on the uniforms, and from a logo standpoint, there are several teams whose primary logos don't incorporate the city name. (Phillies, Mets, Giants, Rays, Yankees to name a few) I could see it being used as an occasional game hat, but not necessarily a regular in the rotation. With that being said..... The thing is all those teams withy the exception of the Phillies atleast have a city wordmark on their away jerseys, and are very well known teams, and for the Phillies they don't need any wordmark for their city because where else would the Phillies play other than philladelphia. Right now with the only thing in the entire set that references Jacksonville is a "J" hat logo which just as easily refer to Jackson Mississippi as it does Jacksonville Florida.
  6. I see your point with the uniforms, but it needs Jacksonville somewhere in the logo, the way you have it now the team could be from anywhere
  7. My vote would have been for Halifax Highlanders, but that's a really great logo and uniforms. Not sure about the split numbers but I like everything else.
  8. Yes, the Jaguars, Giants, and certain colts players had them before the switch to nikePackers too.I believe they kept the rippon template, I can't find anything about them having techfit jerseys on Google
  9. They need a Jacksonville word mark in their logo, and one on preferably the away jersey
  10. Yes, the Jaguars, Giants, and certain colts players had them before the switch to nike
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