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  1. Both you of your criticisms are correct and I was not satisfied with my Falcons concept. I added a red jersey, removed the alternate logo from the sleeves and replaced the red helmet with black helmet. I don't think the red helmet is bad but the Falcons early Mike Vick uniforms are some of my favorite of all time so I just went in that direction. I will admit the red jersey looks similar to the current Bucs look, but I can guarantee it won't clash with universes uniforms. Atlanta Home Atlanta Away Atlanta Alternate
  2. Here is the Atlanta Falcons, I wasn't sure what direction to go in for them but anything different from their current uniforms is an improvement. If anyone has any suggestions for this uniform let me know. Atlanta Home Atlanta Home Black Pants Atlanta Away Atlanta Away Black Pants
  3. Thanks, I think it looks a lot better too. Seems 'right'
  4. I took your advice and went with the classic blue. Let me know how you like it. Denver Home (Classic Blue) Denver Away (Classic Blue)
  5. Thank you, comments like these make me want to keep making them. In regards to the font for Denver this issue is that I used the current Denver font and I used the old-school logo. Eventually I will redo these uniforms and it this something that I will defiantly change, thanks for pointing it out to me. I know when they did use the spear logo they did not have a helmet stripe, but is it that odd that a team would have a helmet stripe and a logo? It is not like the spear on each side connects with each other. Perhaps I am picturing it incorrect, but I don't think it would look too strange. Then again I might be I might be wrong, it is something that I can change if you want.
  6. Next the team is Washington (Formerly (Washington Football Team)) Football Team. Of course that putrid name could not stay for my redesign so I went with something that should have done in the first place, the Washington Warriors. I've retained some elements of the Native American theme as I believe its part of the team identity but I did not go over board with the logo. I simply used the older spear logo while retaining the current color scheme. If any one has either comments or critiques feel free to let me know. Washington Home Washington Home with Gold Pants Washington Home with Red Pants Washington Away Washington Away with White Pants Washington Away with Gold Pants
  7. I didn't even notice you had a cowboys logo for your picture, so it makes sense why you'd have a lot to say regarding it. I don't really mind the foam colored pants, asymmetric looks can be cool if done right. A good example is the Vikings throwbacks when Favre was on the team, I really liked how the helmet was much darker than the jersey. For the logo on the pants I was inspired by the packers of the 1980s, though maybe I should've just stuck to that team. For the collar I believe you're right, I don't think I executed that very well and would be better off changing it. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Next our the Dallas Cowboys. Inspired from the 90's fauxbacks and their recent colorush. My main goal was to streamline the colors used on the Cowboys uniform, such as removing the black from the stripes and the foam colored pants. Cowboys Home Cowboys Away
  9. Thanks, I appreciate you commenting and keeping up with my concepts. Next up is Denver, and I would not say I made too many radical changes to their uniform. Essentially it was a marriage between their orange crush years and their modern uniforms. I actually like their older shade of blue better but I am not sure if they would be different enough to warrant a concept. If anyone has any comments or criticisms on this concept or previous ones I'd be happy to hear them. Home Uniform Home Uniform with Blue Jersey Away Uniform
  10. I really like the Bills and Falcons concept, both are amazing.
  11. I agree with most of what you said, there are some really strong uniforms in the NFL now, so I might try to go out on a limb with those designs or I might not change too much. Such as the Packers, Bears, Colts. Its funny you brought up the Saints, as they are the next team I'm going to post. For the Saints I was heavily inspired by the older Archie Manning Uniforms and their recent color rush. I prefer that shade of gold to the mutated one they currently have, and I know it may seem sacrilegious but I really like the white pants for the home uniform. Of course I've included several different color combinations for each uniform. I got a couple in the can ready to post, but if anyone has any they'd really like to see or any criticisms are the Saints uniform please comment and let me know. Saints Home with White Pants Home with Black Pants Home with Gold Pants Away with White Pants Away with Black Pants
  12. Thanks, and with regards to the purple pants I think that would be too much of that color, though I'd be happy to add it for you if you know which jersey it should go with. Another question for whoever is reading this, should I go in order or just post some of the uniforms I have made. With some teams like the Steelers there is not much I'd change, but I do have several uniforms already made from teams that I think need the redesigned most.
  13. I took your advice, I moved the full raven logo to the helmet and placed a shield on the shoulder. Initially I wanted to place the flag of Maryland, but I lack the skills to make it look good.
  14. I'm not sure how I didn't notice the logo being upside down and the shoulder raven being on the wrong side, thanks. Do you think the shoulder Raven is a good idea if executed better?
  15. Thanks, next up for the AFC North are the Ravens. These uniforms are similar to the current Raven's look, with the exception brining back the Raven logo from the 90s. Next up are the Steelers. Ravens Home Ravens Home with Black Jersey Ravens Home, Purple Jersey Black Pants Ravens Home, the double black look Ravens Away Ravens Away Black Pants
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