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  1. Yeah those are awesome. I really like the cream color. My only thing I’d like to see different is the brown collar on the uniforms. I wonder how they’d look with the traditional striping instead of being plain.
  2. I really like the Cleveland Rangers, especially the Owl logo. It’s pretty unique and not what I expected when hearing the name. Keep up the good work.
  3. Awesome work, I have just looked at everyone of these concepts and I loved them all.
  4. Looks great, the redskins definitely have one of my favorite looks in all of the NFL. There is something to be said for classic looks that don’t change over time.
  5. Love all the new concepts and I love that you added Louisiana as a patch, always really liked that look. I am curious what you will do for the redskins as the probably have the best uniforms at the moment.
  6. I like all of what you have done so far, this seems to be a very ambitious project. I am curious to see how you will deal with expansion and folding for franchises. I am too interested what kind of team you will put in the Cleveland area.
  7. I for one like the use of silver for the numbers, it gives the raiders a distinct look for Las Vegas.
  8. I like the use of a white face mask on the bengals uniform. Overall such a huge improvement on their current garbage uniforms.
  9. I really love the colors you chose for the Browns. Such a deep brown and rich orange. The outline on the numbers is done much better than what they currently have. My only issue is the numbers on the helmets, though that is just personal preference. Honestly one of my favorite redesigns I’ve seen.
  10. I like what you did for the jersey design, as well as the logo. Though I think the number choice seems far too modern and you would be better suited going for a more traditional number font. I also dislike the use of gray in the uniform, its an ugly color and I think you would be better suited to use orange. I like the use of a number on the helmet, I think that it is pretty unique and stands out from the rest of the league. I don't know why the Browns would need to distance themselves from the Bengals, their uniforms were originally based upon ours at the time.
  11. A big improvement to their current logo. While a decent idea their current falcon looks to be stuck in the earlier 2000s. This fixes everything that I dislike about their current one,
  12. I am going to have to disagree with you. Other than the sleeves (which I don't even hate) those Cavs uniforms are pretty great.