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  1. Would love to see the Caps as DC
  2. Sorry for the delay but here they are... Any comments & suggestions are welcome.
  3. I tried including a star to locate the city of LA but I couldn't make it look right. I'm thinking about just not including the logo on the uniform. Any other comments before I show the uniforms?
  4. The NHL is returning to a US military service academy for the second time in three years. I was very disappointed the Stadium Series uniforms in 2018, especially Toronto's, and they looked even worse in person while I was at that game. Aside from the colors (Toronto went all white to represent the Canadian Navy, Capitals went navy blue for obvious reasons), the uniforms were minimally creative. For this concept for both the Avalanche and the Kings, I created something in stark contrast to each team's primary uniforms, yet something that represents the respective areas of each team and includes subtle details that pay homage to the hosting service academy. At the same time, I tried to keep the minimalistic look of the stadium series logos in the past. Digital camo is a huge factor, and colorado's secondary logo is modeled after a decal found on many air force jets. Most of the military inspiration is in the uniforms, which will come later, but first I'm curious what the opinions are on the logos.
  5. I would love it even more if the socks were green, other than that it looks fantastic!
  6. Great to have you back! Jerseys are great as usual, but I'm generally not a fan of using the same logo on all three uniforms. That's my only complaint.
  7. I had no idea how many details you had hidden in the logo before this post. It makes it that much more creative! Just to throw something out there, if you're looking for more ideas, I'm curious what a Winter Classic/Stadium Series set would look like.
  8. What's really funny is I had just started working on a city edition series of my own about a week ago. Everything looks great, especially the Coyotes jersey. No complaints for either one, especially since you managed to make the wild wing logo work. Showcasing a skate design for each team is also a cool and unique idea. I know it's a long way off but I'm excited to see what you do with the Caps!
  9. Set one is definitely my preference but both jerseys look great.
  10. Man! All of these blew me away, but the third red and the second white jerseys are my favorites. I'm not a fan of using two separate shoulder logos on the same jersey. If you pulled an Arizona/Minnesota and used one logo on the home and one on the road, that could work. Other than that tiny detail I have no complaints. Great stuff! I'm curious what an alternate would look like.
  11. It's been a while...almost done with the series though, only three games left after today. 2008 WINTER CLASSIC BUFFALO SABRES PITTSBURGH PENGUINS
  12. Is there a set schedule for those jerseys? I couldn't find one anywhere.