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  1. The logo I've seen has a brown facemask,for what it's worth. What I've seen - to help clarify matters - is a "military appreciation" tee with "Salute to Service" across the front. I don't know 100% if it's any indication.
  2. The black is probably meant to be navy blue, I guess. Doesn't really make much sense otherwise.
  3. Inter Miami's change top has the angled three stripes - via ari_football (a Thai retailer) (of legit football gear, not the fake seller stuff) on Instagram
  4. I can confirm the Browns logo is not changing - at least not the main one. If anyone needs any "evidence" DM me.
  5. Yeah that's the only thing real about it, if you will. Font is incorrect and shorts/socks inaccurate as well was what I was trying to say.
  6. These are just someone's mod on FIFA, uses the old font even. They probably mean very little.
  7. Is this real? Popped up on a random eBay search
  8. Yeah if I didn't know better I'd say blue as well. They'll probably reject it again then!
  9. No they aren't... technically. RoC/Taiwan is white/BLUE/red, this kit is white/PURPLE/red. Not a huge difference but... it's there
  10. It's precisely that, actually. "Erster Fußballclub" as ze Germanz say it
  11. Oh, those are fake. Templates are from the 2018 World Cup, there's even the jock tag from those kits in the mockups.
  12. San Jose and Seattle wearing their change tops while their homes don't even clash... nothing to see here *eye roll emoji*
  13. Actually not; current season's shorts have the adidas logo on the back of the leg; these ones have it on the front of the leg.
  14. I only have one thing to say (coming from the person that had no clue how TV numbers work - or even that they were called "TV numbers",go figure) to be honest: Please, please, please try to be more proportionate with your front/back numerals! Names and the aforementioned TV numbers are fine,but those on the front and back are somehow elongated too much.
  15. There we go; I think this is much less offensive to the eyes (sorry Seattle fans!)