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  1. Why did LAFC wear white instead of just using white shorts? Light blue v white isn't ideal...
  2. It's a bad fake made off someone's concept. Look at how the Arsenal badge is stitched on like a patch rather than embroidered or screen printed,for example. Or how small it is,same for the adidas logo on the other side. They're also too far apart.
  3. I'd have to agree with everyone about US: The home is pretty nice,although it could have been simpler,while the away seems a little derivative,and the "USA" on the sleeves doesn't work.
  4. Hmm this is a miss... the darker blue doesn't work well,and the two-colour stripe feels a little "forced" and template-y; a little like a generic training top.
  5. Not exactly; it's more "1990s Nike" than "Vapor Unstoppable",if anything.
  6. I really need to start proofreading my posts aside from my tweets apparently, for :censored:'s sake
  7. I know,the English... I hate us too lol!
  8. Should have gone with the blue kit
  9. adidas are really milking that stripe graphic aren't they? Would have looked nicer,if you ask me,in a coral shade of orange/red. Would also evoke the "sunset" theme better.
  10. It should be no3. Very often,designers don't use pure black,as it doesn't convert well to textile.
  11. Makes you wonder why they've only had one(1) royal blue change top...
  12. Looking at the cut I'd say the NY shorts are authentic
  13. The white and grey isn't a good look. Needed a darker grey really. The pattern doesn't work either,but I guess at least it's not plain white!
  14. Am I the only one curious on how Houston would look with "space" blue shorts?