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  1. Orlando looks like adidas teamwear from 2015/16, just vertical instead of horizontal lines splitting the colours
  2. Does this image not load for anyone else?
  3. New NE away according to a random Twitter account - seems like this is a repurpose of Spain's home shirt. Meh!
  4. Considering their grey kit had red shorts and socks as the primary option, I wouldn't be surprised if you're right
  5. This is (oh, what surprise) nicer than the leak - I like how the edges of the sleeves have the pattern in red, nice little detail you don't typically see on adidas kits
  6. DC United suggesting their new away kit has a white/red/blue scheme - going to be... interesting to see the reaction to this one.
  7. I wonder if "2001 MLS Cup Champions" there means they're throwing back to what they wore then (Google search suggests blue with white sleeves) Are Cincinatti due to change their aways? The pinstriped text here looks... interesting
  8. This is the "but she's got a new hat!" Simpsons meme, basically
  9. As I tweeted earlier - not sure how many of you follow me but *shameless plug* it's the same as my username - it reminds me of designer brands putting their names everywhere. Probably pandering to the streetwear crowd for more $ales.
  10. Don't know if this was posted... seems like Toronto FC's training gear is heavy on the black trim. Wonder what that means for their jersey...
  11. It wouldn't actually be too bad. Would definitely be better than the plain white if they do it well.
  12. NYCFC are due for a new home kit, so I doubt that will be orange, lol. But they really should try an orange kit sometime. As for Philadelphia... can't unsee the Chargers there, sorry
  13. I do wonder if they'll go for the Seahawks look - navy blue with bright green - or the "pacific blue" look with the cyan accents. Or maybe both, but adidas aren't that creative.
  14. That RSL description sounds suspiciously similar to what the away shirt for the more famous Real will look like... just in different colours.
  15. Except Footy Headlines, at least at the time of this post, are wrong about the green - "dash green", as shown below, is a pale, kind of minty green