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  1. I think it wouldn't be that iconic if they remained as the Titans. I mean, the Jets looked cool for New York. I liked the color scheme at best.
  2. I feel like something happened to me. I used to be fascinated over logos at a young age, especially with memorizing the entire history of companies with their logos. There has to be something going on with me. It could be lost of interest or something like that, but it's not like I'll could give it up easily.
  3. NFL - Baltimore Ravens MLB - St. Louis Cardinals NBA - New York Knicks NHL - New York Rangers
  4. They should be beaten by the Cardinals in this year's NL Wild Card game.
  5. Same with me. I think they could've updated it better, so they could have a better meaning with the entire New York State.
  6. I like the Black and Blue design on the Mets better.
  7. Yeah. I just like the NYS flag with the design. Not with the crests, but with how it represents New York decently with the Hudson River.
  8. Well, I'm okay with the New York City flag more than the New York State flag. I like Florida the best, since I like of how the red X seems to be fitting towards the emblem.
  9. The best state flags to me are: Colorado Connecticut New Jersey New York California Florida I don't think I have any least favorite US flags. Not that I think they're bad, but most of them are decent nonetheless.