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  1. Aren’t the Chargers essentially doing the same? I also think being right there by the new football stadium will help a lot.
  2. I am fine with PHILA and OKC on full-time jerseys "Association" and "Icon" I am fine with ATL, PHX, NOLA and BKLYN on alternate jerseys "Statement" and "City" I am fine with Rip City on the City jerseys. Other city nicknames are blah, especially NORTH, Motor City and The Land.
  3. It's fine especially considering there was the WFL's Memphis Grizzlies in the 70s.
  4. I always liked the 2000-01 version of that jersey as well.
  5. After watching the release video I agree. They looked really good in the black with teal and red trim. I don’t mind the double blue and gold now, but the previous Memphis jersey color balance was better.
  6. No, it’s the 70-71 team.
  7. Same. I'll also be disappointed if it's the 1977 title jerseys.
  8. The original, yes, is sloppy. The second logo is by far my favorite and I think would be fine for today's NBA. Sure it could probably be cleaned up a little bit here and there, but it has so much more character than their current logo. (SIDE NOTE: I didn't notice the differing shades of blue between the original and other logos ... huh, that's quite the difference)
  9. The Magic's biggest misstep was getting rid of the Magic script for block lettering. The block lettering is just so booooring.
  10. I like that. While I liked SOME of the Earned Jerseys, it really did muddle some team's brands IMO. The 4-5 is PLENTY ... probably still a bit too much.
  11. I found this little tidbit about these throwback jerseys from here: So they switched mid-way through the season? I wonder if there are any other examples of this happening ... not just in the NBA but the big four as well?
  12. The good thing about the Sixers is they have a TON of good throwbacks to go with in the future. Then again "good" is being a bit too nice to some of the uniforms.
  13. Are those sans pinstripes? I can't really tell?
  14. Okay, that's a fair assessment, I guess really I just see no need for a drastic change outside of the logo. Keep the name and colors.
  15. Nah. This one if goofier. At least it doesn't read Suxers.
  16. I don’t ... the LA Clippers have always been RWB. They own it. The blue ties into the Dodgers, Galaxy and Rams. The red ties into the Angels. Sure power blue would tie in with the Chargers, but I’d want to disassociated myself from them because I wouldn’t want to be seen as just a San Diego team playing in LA.
  17. If the Clips were to go with a nautical theme I would prefer a modern take with the use of the nautical flags than a traditional interpretation the mast, anchor, etc.
  18. Pretty much yeah. And, don't worry, I do too and I am a lifelong Utahn ...
  19. Don't take offense — there’s a VERY good chance we didn’t know about the cultural significance of the shirt design. We’re good about doing that around here.
  20. It's one of my least favorite matchup combos, especially back in the day when the Sonics wore their gold alt jerseys at home and the NBA forced the road team wear white. I just hate teams wearing white on the road, period.
  21. I'm partial to the 1982-2015 style logo. That's what I grew up on and first became a fan of the Clippers under (1989). I don't want a color change back to the San Diego blue and orange, the RWB serves them well ... just tone down the black or get rid of it. And, I am BIG HELL NO on a name change. They're the Clippers and always should be the Clippers.
  22. Okay, here are a few thoughts I have ... I like how the "Icon" blue jersey looks without the circle being gold ... it really declutters the jersey. I don't have any strong feelings about the (assuming) "Statement" gold jersey. The Bay works, I guess? I wish it was a copy of the "Association" and "Statement" but I don't think we're going to see that from any Nike jersey (ie-Lakers purple jersey, etc.). It seems like Statement jerseys needs to be significantly different under their designing eye? The (assuming) black "City" jersey seems like a hallow inclusion of Oakland in the move to San Francisco. Since (most) "City" jerseys are a one year thing, I bet you anything we won't see it again next year and instead see a modern spin on The City jerseys since this is San Francisco? There's nothing bad to say about The City jersey, it's a classic! And, I'm glad it's in gold. And, I've said this numerous times ... I absolutely HATE that "I" on the WARRIORS font! KILL IT!