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  1. I completely agree. For a professional big league team ... it's very Rookie Level. I couldn't understand that as well, especially considering the fact that The Summit during the same time was the Compaq Center?! Amen to that! Pac Bell Park just flows so much better. Plus, San Antonio's AT&T Center was SBC Center which at least flowed ... a tad better.
  2. I actually like the Earned Jerseys better than this year's City Jerseys. Is it odd? Heavens yes. But, it works as a limited use alternate.
  3. Well, they're not wearing the white jerseys this year, those were last year's city jerseys ... but, I think it works. And, I like it. Especially now that they have a matching court. And, apparently this won't be the end of the Miami Vice jerseys ... we'll probably see a blue one and then pink, white, blue and black version of different designs.
  4. @Teal, I've moved on from my issues I've had from in the past -- mainly for my inner peace. But, I want to echo what @AstroBull21 said ... you really have to have thicker skin. The nature of this board is to question, especially rumors or leaks. A lot of it is speculation even sometimes right to the unveiling. Your past Jag and Marlins posts are coming back to bite you a bit. The only way to gain credibility and BE RESPECTED here (and anywhere in life) is to share what you feel like you can share, ignore the posters who are openly rude to you and move on. There's no need to fight back them or if someone questions your legitimacy (like the OKC shooting shirt with the misspelling).
  5. I've found hope doused in gasoline soaked rag and lit by a match is much faster and effective.
  6. I’m with you on that. Still loathe the white Prince jersey though.
  7. I'm not sure where you can buy them, if you even still can? But, they're from the last year Adidas had the league contract ... so 2016-17. You might have some luck on eBay?
  8. I am 100% with you on this … ARCO Arena > PowerBalance Pavilion Comiskey Park > Guaranteed Rate Field Skydome > Rogers Centre Ralph Wilson Stadium > New Era Field Then there’s the Titans’ stadium — Adelphia Coliseum > LP Field > Nissan Stadium
  9. All I can think about with a Jets black jersey on the horizon ... It's like each second fiddle NY sports team needs to go through this phase at some point in their history. Now the question is ... is Red Bull New York or NYCFC the second fiddle and who's going to wear the black kit?
  10. I’m not too concerned with the source, I just want to know what the hell SPORT GREEN is?
  11. I will always associate these with the draft hats of the era, especially in the NBA.
  12. I have a hard time with the Vivint Smart Home Arena. First off, it took several years for me to stop calling it the Delta Center, but I just ended up calling the EnergySolutions Arena “the arena” because ESA or EnergySolutions just felt awkward. but, now with the Vivint Smart Home Arena, I tend to still call it “the arena” or Vivint Arena. The long formal name is just too long and stupid.
  13. Or are you thinking of the City Jersey?
  14. I like the simplicity of the jersey, but I still prefer the silver helmet.
  15. I can see your point considering the Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox have had iconics runs in jerseys and looks that have last for decades. But, considering the Pats' logo is 25 years old and gone through four jersey changes I wouldn't hold it in the same esteem as their local counterparts. And, if anything ... I feel that if they want to have a look held in the same breath as the three, they need to simplify the look by getting rid of the stupid piping, ditch the blue pants and whatever they do ... don't go back to Pat the Patriot.
  16. Yeah, at this point there's NO going back to red-dominant look. Sure they went to one Super Bowl wearing it. But, the level of success with the current logo and color scheme is unmatched. Really, all they need to do is fix the stupid stripes, abandon the blue pants, stick with a silver pair of pants for both home and away and call it a day.
  17. Strange how you thought they were attractive without the patch ... ?!?
  18. I’m just waiting for an arena sponsor alternate court. You know it’s going to happen.
  19. Yeah, not a fan of it under the basket. But, in the case of the Celtics, I'd rather have it there than on the court. It keeps somewhat of the integrity of the parquet floor.
  20. I don't think the NFL has had a team in recent memory ... or at least since 1970 that has gone BACK to an old design? Well, besides the 49ers, but there were even changes to that design. So asking or expecting teams like the Browns, Bengals or Broncos to go back to throwback design is a lost cause. I think all we can ask is that their next designs just don't suck.
  21. I agree, I like how it matches the Colorado state flag.
  22. Too, too cartoony. The beveling was too extreme and the jerseys too much, especially after wearing the same conservative look for over 20 years. The only component I liked from the logo was the rocket, even if it was too cartoony. I had some of the same issues with the Pistons, Hawks and Sonics. I’m a homer Jazz fan, so I give them an exemption.