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  1. Is Canada getting a new jersey for the WC too? Doesn't seem like that long since the last one came out.
  2. They did use red as a drop shadow on the late 2000s yellow jersey:
  3. For me it's colours. I like blue, so I liked the Blue Jays, and then since the rest of Toronto teams were blue I decided I liked them all. (Raptors weren't popular far away from the city yet, and TFC was years away). I shudder to think about 6 year old me nominally considering himself an Argos fan... since I'm now a Ticats SSH.
  4. I was really hoping they'd rebrand to a better name after seeing how "RUNY" is going. Much easier to get it right before playing for a year, and then either being stuck with something stupid or having to throw any brand recognition out the window. Have RATL said where they're playing yet? IMO, RUNY need to 1) move to Gaelic Park, and work on packing out a smaller venue with a great atmosphere, and 2) switch to New York Roosters or something, and go all in promoting that and erasing any memory of Rooney.
  5. The Toronto one has to be fake, there's no nameplate just letters directly on the mesh.
  6. I agree with you, the Bombers have looked real good for a while (away). Royal blue is much better than the navy, though. Love the current home ones. I think Hamilton is another team that could pull off going back to gold for away jerseys.
  7. Not really a misconception, but... When I was a kid the first team I learned about was the Blue Jays, I think from a helmet ice cream cup. Blue Jays are blue, so blue made sense. I liked blue... so by default I liked the Argonauts and Maple Leafs, not because of living "near" Toronto or watching the teams or sports at all, but because BLUE. To this day I firmly believe in city wide colour schemes. Now I shudder at that thought, as a die hard Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan, STH, and can see the stadium from my porch, that I ever thought I kinda liked the Argos.
  8. Might be an Unpopular Opinion, but I hope Hamilton DOESN'T go back to the contrasting white sleeves on the home jersey. All black is awesome. I'm okay with the white jerseys having the traditional black sleeve look cus I'm used to it, but I'm also a lot more open to getting creative with the away jersey.
  9. Paulwoods beat me to it. They also used them last year as part of their historical series.
  10. I think that in 2020 Calgary drops black and goes back to red and grey.
  11. I thought I read that they would remain the same this year, and they'd roll out new designs for 2020. With the exception of Montreal it seems.
  12. I actually think I saw it posted somewhere that that's exactly what Toronto will be doing, as well a wearing blue at home not white. It's too bad SD changed the away kit, the artsy hoops last year were awesome. Austin and Glendale are clear improvements. Seattle, NOLA, and Houston I think are lateral movea. LOVE NY's hoops, perfect rugby jersey there, but the home is pretty plain, same as SD's away. Toronto's too, I preferred the previous jersey, but I think the classic blue and white will grow on me. Utah isn't bad, miss the warrior face though.
  13. My birthday is the 24th, so I always try to wear that. But, I play rugby which has numbered positions, and only 23 on the roster. My position is 4 or 5, so I always try to snag the 4 jersey. So now I'm partial to 4 as well in other sports.
  14. CFL does front shoulder, and I very rarely notice them, so I think that would be okay for NFL too. As long as they're not on the replicas we buy.
  15. Hamilton's is a bit too "friendly", Niagara is cool but just doesn't say "Niagara" to me, and Guelph just seems... generic and a bit boring?