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  1. That QLD away jersey is really nice. Absolutely love the Arrows Academy logos. I suspect in a few years elements of it will migrate to the senior team logo, the blue+white oval logo is a little generic compared to a lot of their recent marketing/promotional graphic design work. I hadn't heard anything about fans not being happy about the home jersey, to me it just seemed to be a response to the overwhelming popularity of the new collared+hooped away kit.
  2. Missed that you posted this already Kiwi. Improvements: Toronto, Utah, NY, ATL Same/same: Austin, Houston. Seattle, New England, NOLA Downgrade: San Diego, Old GLory (just find the flag kinda cheesy) New: LA (plain - they better go wild on the second jersey) Dallas - solid if simple, unique colours help.
  3. And just because, all teams' home jerseys together: I'm absolutely in love with the hooped Toronto jersey!
  4. MLR Western Conference:
  5. I never got it besides its nostalgia factor. But as a Ticats fan, I fully support the Argos adopting a corny-ass logo. So... well done!
  6. There's probably a couple million of those stashed in childrens' closets across the country.
  7. That Glos jersey would look SO GOOD, without the ads all over it. There are good ways and bad ways to do ads, unfortunately Glos and their Welsh neighbours tend to be pretty bad at it.
  8. Nothing great architecturally, but the "skyline" is dominated by the escarpment. I think a profile of that, with the orange glow coming from the lower side where the mills are, would have been cool. They have their whole future to get to that, I imagine they wanted to establish that the identity isn't strictly "steel" fairly early on.
  9. I'm not sure where you're coming from. If they're going to launch a new jersey, it doesn't cost more to make it a throwback than a fresh design. Also, they'd probably sell a :censored: ton of them , and make money.
  10. Don't remind me My new idea: If we get to play an 8 game fall season, all teams should go with throwback to the last time an 8-game (or say, less than 10) season was played.
  11. I like it. Scotland, Italy, and the CPL all look really good. I do think they're a little handcuffed, since a red jersey with white trim is hard to beat and expand upon, but bringing in black a la the old Kooga and Barbarian jerseys would be cool.