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  1. Gotta disagree fully here. They need to fully commit to launching the new name and logo. They can always come back to the EE, put it on away ones, keep in on the jersey etc. I think the antler helmet looks great, if a little simple (but that's the trend nowadays), and everybody would screaming about what a missed opportunity it was if they didn't. It's the best part of the entire Elks brand.
  2. That QLD away jersey is really nice. Absolutely love the Arrows Academy logos. I suspect in a few years elements of it will migrate to the senior team logo, the blue+white oval logo is a little generic compared to a lot of their recent marketing/promotional graphic design work. I hadn't heard anything about fans not being happy about the home jersey, to me it just seemed to be a response to the overwhelming popularity of the new collared+hooped away kit.
  3. Missed that you posted this already Kiwi. Improvements: Toronto, Utah, NY, ATL Same/same: Austin, Houston. Seattle, New England, NOLA Downgrade: San Diego, Old GLory (just find the flag kinda cheesy) New: LA (plain - they better go wild on the second jersey) Dallas - solid if simple, unique colours help.
  4. And just because, all teams' home jerseys together: I'm absolutely in love with the hooped Toronto jersey!
  5. MLR Western Conference: https://www.majorleague.rugby/news/mlr-2021-kit-reveal/
  6. I never got it besides its nostalgia factor. But as a Ticats fan, I fully support the Argos adopting a corny-ass logo. So... well done!
  7. There's probably a couple million of those stashed in childrens' closets across the country.
  8. That Glos jersey would look SO GOOD, without the ads all over it. There are good ways and bad ways to do ads, unfortunately Glos and their Welsh neighbours tend to be pretty bad at it.
  9. Nothing great architecturally, but the "skyline" is dominated by the escarpment. I think a profile of that, with the orange glow coming from the lower side where the mills are, would have been cool. They have their whole future to get to that, I imagine they wanted to establish that the identity isn't strictly "steel" fairly early on.
  10. I'm not sure where you're coming from. If they're going to launch a new jersey, it doesn't cost more to make it a throwback than a fresh design. Also, they'd probably sell a :censored: ton of them , and make money.
  11. Don't remind me My new idea: If we get to play an 8 game fall season, all teams should go with throwback to the last time an 8-game (or say, less than 10) season was played.
  12. I like it. Scotland, Italy, and the CPL all look really good. I do think they're a little handcuffed, since a red jersey with white trim is hard to beat and expand upon, but bringing in black a la the old Kooga and Barbarian jerseys would be cool.
  13. Holy crap that really good. Can we rename the thread so more people see this rather than the gil-bomination?
  14. That's actually pretty disappointing. Why is it taking more than year for New Era to develop their own designs? I thought it was going to be Montreal getting the much needed jump in 2019 followed by the rest of the league in 2020.
  15. As a completely unconnected person to either city, and the move happening when I was a toddler... I don't really like it. Maybe the jersey design and colours, but not the logo or the fleur-de-lis. I guess I didn't really pay attention to the Hartford jersey/Carolina thing, and don't really have an opinion on that one. Maybe it's a Canada/Bettman-resentment thing.
  16. Just found this, and love the overall series! My thoughts on each team: BS: The update was a good upgrade, I just don't know if I'd ever be a fan of those "swoopy" stripes. Looks a little 90's soccer to me. Edmonton: Solid uniforms, the white EE definitely improved the logo. My other thought before I got to the update was to have the stripes beside the E's be a thinner lineweight, but the white accomplishes the same thing. LOVE the overall combination of the EE with aligning stripes. Calgary: Like the concept, I think the logo could stand to be a little more flattened and simplified. Doesn't need all the shadows. Overall solid. Sask: Classic uniform, enough said. The Wheat/Football secondary is marvelous. The primary I wouldn't say is an upgrade, to me it looks slightly like an event logo. Bombers: Mostly a miss for me. I like their current royal blue over your more nay-ish choice, and the RCAF roundel is a bit close to Jets territory. It does have me wondering about using a Rugby League-style chevron to incorporate the military chevrons. Also I hate the Bombers, you'll see why... Hamilton: My team!! Overall not bad. It might a trick of the borders but it looks like the logo on black is at a different angle than the one on yellow? Decent, tough looking tiger head though. The wordmark looks pretty close to the old 90s/2000s-ish one. I can't say it's an upgrade over the current block wordmarks based on the old serif "H". I don't mid tiger stripes but would keep it to one element - thinking pant stripe. Toronto: Well done! Something new, classy, fits their overall branding perfectly. I would believe that was real if I saw it on social media. Ottawa: Love the plaid, love the wordmarks. Something about the axe-head-R doesn't quite work for me, although I do like the concept. I think their lumberjack's name is Joe. Montreal: A very good update of their previous set. Arguably what a lot of people would have preferred when the new bi-colour set came out. Schooners - Nice logo! interesting colours that work. Not sure I dig the number font but that's all I can really come up with. Quebec: I lie the colours and Identity. I think you could take you logo and take it two ways. A primary with more of the focus on the canoe and paddler, and a secondary with the Q/Compass. London: Purple makes sense, both from a league colour scheme perspective and from appealing to a Western U fanbase. The logo does feel a bit too "college" compared to the rest of the league to me. Portland: Knocked it out of the park. I could also see the secondary C logo but with the fish head working pretty well. Boise: Solid, i like the earthy tones. Moose antler helmet logo is incredible fun. St. Louis: Not sure how you could fix the logo but I don't think it's there yet as far as recognizing the shape. Interesting identity on it's own although I'm not the biggest fan on non-noun names. Hartford: Very cool, nice job tying in the Whalers aesthetic. I think the Acorn/Football has a lot of potential as a larger logo on it's own. Orlando: Very good uniform I'm getting some sunny/frosty Third Reich vibes from the bird logo though? Columbus: Just not "digging" it.... I know you said up front you were going for minor league cartoony and.... yep. Just don't like that for the CFL. Overall very fun to look through, and the Schooners in particular made me rethink what I expect from them if they ever do start (looking really unlikely due to Covid, and the gov't seemingly unwilling to help the league at all now, definitely won't be funding a stadium any time soon)
  17. I haven't seen any explanation of the name, but it seems rather generic. The old-timey logo kind of reminds me of the original CFL logo: Looking at their website, it seems they'll also be using a version with the monogram filling the shield without the name: and the monogram without the shield or leaf as a standalone:
  18. Is this enough "evidence" for me to think something now?
  19. This just occurred to me, not sure if it's been discussed elsewhere... They're the Brewers, so it's barley, not wheat.
  20. This really seems like something a minor league baseball team would do for a one off promo night. I might even think it was good for that. But for a rugby team in a league that is the top level on our continent, and trying to be taken seriously as such, this feels like a really wrong move. Which is disappointing because a lot of the other initiatives the new ownership group has announced will be really good for rugby in the area. What's worse is that it's named after a new "Texas sized cocktail", and they've also trademarked names like "gilacolada" "gil julep" "giltini".......... and all of that is because one of the investor's last name is Gilchrist. https://trademarks.justia.com/owners/giltini-group-llc-4229721/ Okay, the logos themselves. I feel like we're still waiting on a primary logo. They've release the wordmark and monogram as those are relatively easy to come up with and this seems to have happened quickly. I pray to god we don't get a cartoon cocktail glass with a face. Edit to say: I do actually like the "AG's" monogram. If I was an Austin fan I'd just refer to them as the Ay-Gee's, and not dignify that name by speaking it.
  21. The evidence for me thinking something is that I thought it. If I said it WILL happen, you could ask for something to back that up.
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