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  1. Heat-sealed name and number on back of jersey Uhm.... What the F are they talking about? It says that for all the Nats 2018 jerseys, sure as hell hope this is a glitch. Also here, will they charge $2-300 for a jersey with heat pressed name and number, this can't be right.
  2. That's crazy, they already got 5 jerseys, the latest one coming last season.
  3. You need to see one in real life, i got one of these and it's :censored:ing amazing, and they are called blackhawks, so it fits .
  4. Jeter would rather see his team lose every game and watch his Yankees get the #1 HR hitter in baseball. He is running a scheme in Miami. He paid for about 2% percent of marlin shares. Jeter's salary for being part of the Marlins? . $5mn per year for 5 years. Should the Yanks win the World Series during the span of the Stanton contract, Jeter should be riding a float in the parade.
  5. Sponsors ruins it, but again.... where does it not ruin a jersey?
  6. Time to get rid of numbers and uniforms on MLB coaches, nobody wants to see it. And it frees up numbers for players.
  7. What's another word for watering down? Oh yeah, how about the Seattle Diluters
  8. Baseball was a team sport that originated on Earth in the 19th century and gained worldwide popularity during the 20th century, The game continued to be played in the 21st century but its popularity began to decline until 2042, when the final World Series was played and the professional stage of the game came to a close. Only 25 World series left! All teams should wear a patch next season.
  9. Looks good, if it was a video game
  10. LOL..... looks like LA Lakers before and after the Nike switch!