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  1. They might very well rethink the reality TV element of this plan, but I can totally imagine them trying to add at least one more playoff/wild card team per league somehow. Manfred would never resist the extra revenue even if against the best interests of the game.
  2. They've definitely scaled back a bit under Jeter in terms of wearing the black alternate, but it's still being worn for roughly one third of their games. That's not more than anything else, but roughly as much as the whites and grays. Once a week would be more appropriate.
  3. I'd absolutely say there is a consensus on those two points I specified--the black jersey could benefit from more color to avoid illegibility and a blue alternate should be in circulation for actual games.
  4. Didn't they just overhaul a look that had been in place since 2016? I do wonder if there would be precedence (in recent history at least) for the Marlins to either drop or majorly tweak one of their jerseys only a year after a full rebranding.
  5. Oh, I agree completely. But since black has become the dominant color of the brand identity, I can't imagine them ditching the alternate. Realistically I think the best we can hope for would be adding a blue wordmark and numbers to it. Some black can work in the set, though. 96-2002 was the sweet spot when they had the black caps, black undershirt beneath the vests, but no solid black alternate. The teal still managed to pop but not in a tacky way.
  6. I'm a little surprised that the Marlins didn't make any adjustments before the 2020 season given the conspicuous issues with the set--primarily with the black alternate and its illegibility. They could be giving Nike a little more time to get settled in, but I wonder if they are worried about the optics of overhauling the designs after only one year. I have some strong personal feelings about the rebrand obviously, but I sense there is a consensus that the black alternate needs a major tweak and a blue alternate of some sort needs to be in the mix for game use. Proponents and opponents of the new look can both agree on those two points at least and I'm certain that the changes will come eventually.
  7. Why do I get the feeling they promoted rather than fired the "mastermind" behind the monochromatic player's weekend uniforms?
  8. I fully support the adoption of a blue alternate during the regular season, but the current one they have is not suitable for that because it looks way too much like a warm-up jersey. Design one with a Marlins wordmark (not Miami) and then we're in business. The shade of blue is quite nice, but the design is currently leaving much to be desired.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something but isn't that just the same blue Marlins jersey from last season worn during BP and ST? With the swoosh added of course.
  10. I agree with this wholeheartedly. I suppose people mourn and deal with grief in various ways, but kneejerk reactions seem increasingly commonplace these days. It's almost like no form of memorializing can be perceived as superfluous when the emotional wounds are still raw. I suspect that some people like Mark Cuban have good intentions but ultimately like being pat on the back for their gestures since social media makes them so visible. This decision definitely comes off as self-promoting to me.
  11. I don't want to diminish the tragedy of what happened today, but this decision sounds rather excessive to me.
  12. Such a terrible tragedy. As a Marlins fan this gives me awful flashbacks to the Jose Fernandez boating incident.
  13. That looks like something a college or minor league team would wear, not MLB.
  14. It was tired before it even began.
  15. Television feeds of the game, even at the ballpark, are too delayed for the trash can scheme to work. They installed a dedicated camera. Or so that's what the reports said back in November. I didnt read all of Manfred's remarks.