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  1. I've seen that 73-77 Indians cap on the shelves of several Lids stores (outside of Cleveland) since they ditched Wahoo.
  2. "Overdesigned" is the perfect word to describe those Rockies concepts. They are downright hideous although I'm not exactly in love with their current set.
  3. I have to give a "please, NO!" to all of these, I'm afraid. Although I do like Oakland's kelly green alternate.
  4. That's definitely an upgrade from those vintage Brewers designs. For some reason I could never stomach the combination of yellow with true blue. Something about it just seems very garish and unsettling.
  5. Count me in as someone who is not fond of that new Chi Sox wordmark and prefers it not be used. There's something a little too faux vintage about it. I also fail to see how it really improves or adds anything to an already all-around solid uniform/logo set.
  6. I for one would love to see the swinging Friar make a comeback as a primary logo and possibly even a sleeve patch. Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to them coming up with something new that is mission-themed.
  7. If the mascot name has become so taboo (not getting into whether it is or isn't) that they cannot even tastefully wear it on their home whites, then they need to change it entirely. I see no point in adopting a band-aid solution along the lines of what you suggest. If there's one practice in MLB attire that peeves me more than anything, it's when a team wears the name of the city/region/state instead of the mascot on their home whites. I'm looking at you, Marlins.
  8. I'd love to see Nike overhaul the Rays. The Twins need to join the Padres and presumably the Brewers in re-adopting vintage identities. The Indians need to reimagine their logo/caps for the post-Wahoo era. The Diamondbacks need to bring back their early 00s look. And the Marlins need to pretend their most recent rebrand never happened. Otherwise things look pretty solid out there.
  9. Every one of those looks like a minor league baseball logo.
  10. I've never been fond of any of the Brewers brandings since their inception. I do admire the cleverness of the BiG logo, but I consider the combination of true blue and yellow on the jerseys/wordmarks to be a bit of an eyesore. There's just something so harsh about it visually. It also doesn't feel very timeless, despite the simplicity of the design. It's easier for me to envision a vintage Padres look sliding into 2020 full-time than a vintage Brewers one. But if the majority of the Milwaukee fanbase is passionate about bringing back that retro look, I'd love to see it happen despite my distaste for it. I do agree with a point made by someone here earlier, though. I used to think I preferred a navy BiG cap, but something brighter would be much better under the Miller Park roof. A lighter blue (than Navy) could work for Milwaukee if they scrap those 70s/80s wordmarks and come up with something new. Those spring training complex fonts displayed here would be a step in the right direction.
  11. Maybe not the best thread to ask this, but does anyone have a clue as to when all of the Majestic gear will be pulled from the Fanatics-run online stores? Is the Nike deal only for on-field apparel or does Majestic still have a license to sell t-shirts?
  12. The magic marker route would have looked even worse than the monochromatic jerseys did. I also was not fond of the suggested idea of Majestic making individually customized jerseys for all of the players. Flashy cleats and sleeves are fine, but the pants and jerseys themselves need to have some sense of regularity/uniformity to avoid become a total visual nightmare. Having players on the field with radically differently colored ensembles would cause way more confusion than illegible NOBs/numbers do. I believe that's why MLB even has rules to this effect--specifying that uniforms must be identical for all players, although I suppose they relaxed that a bit by allowing the pitcher to wear a black cap while the position players wore white ones. Based on my observation, a fairly large number of players don't get into the PW spirit. Of course there's many who do run wild with it too. If this event is going to continue into the future (I'd prefer they axe it, but that won't happen), MLB would be better off doing something similar to the NBA's "city jerseys" or soliciting input from players about design concepts. Also, Players Weekend, like most branding/design decisions, is not entirely about merchandise sales, either. They are certainly intended to be drivers for fan enthusiasm/interest, social media traffic, or generally just to get people talking about baseball. I'm certain that next season they will become up with designs that fans will actually buy, especially with Nike coming on board.
  13. Most definitely. They also don't want to color in their jerseys with magic markers like they're in elementary school art class, as some have suggested as an alternative to this year's abomination.
  14. I can't imagine them axing it completely. It's in the CBA, fans seemed to like the previous two iterations, and MLB would probably be leaving merchandise money on the table otherwise. My guess is that they adopt a completely different uniform concept that they expect fans would actually enjoy and buy. Players Weekend seems like something that Nike would totally eat up too. And it does seem plausible that Majestic's imminent departure might have had something to do with how these jerseys were designed. I wonder how much inventory there is as opposed to last year. Also, for what it's worth, while I personally hate the black uniforms myself, I sense that much of the backlash is directed toward the white on white. I'd wager that next year's sets will be much more colorful.