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  1. Breaking the curse was important and all but the 2004 World Series was pretty forgettable otherwise. The ALCS that year was much much more engaging.
  2. The shadow details of those logos doesn't seem very scalable. I can't imagine that WS logo looking nice as a patch, especially.
  3. New Era unveils a lot of dumb concepts for spring training, but I can't imagine that mesh hats would ever become the standard for one of their product cycles. Aesthetics aside, these hats offer very minimal sun protection for people with short or no hair. Not very ideal for Florida or Arizona weather, obviously.
  4. I can't believe that was approved.
  5. The 1996 version most closely resembles the mental picture I've always had in my head. But I still prefer the 2019 adjustments. I just have a thing about white outlines and think they tend to do more harm than good, especially when they're too bold. This is a great look in my opinion, marred most of all by the blue compression sleeves:
  6. I've always liked the Phillies current set and appreciate that it hasn't changed much over the last 29 years or whatever it's been. I wasn't aware that there had been some inconsistencies in the thickness of the script, but among those photos you've supplied I think that the 2019 version easily looks the best. It's the combination of the thinner letters and less prominent white outline.
  7. It seems almost like a payday loan model to me, although the interest rates aren't nearly as outrageous. Tatis will still probably have to pay this company 8-10% of his contract. Then add his agent's cut on top of that (maybe 5%?) plus state/federal taxes. He probably got a $350,000 advance from Big League Advance, give or take, and will now have to pay them $34 million. A very nice ROI for the firm, if you ask me. Granted, his family is still set for generations and over 14 years he's earning far, far more than most people ever will over the course of their lifetimes. But, yeah, I wouldn't characterize Big League Advance as a kind-hearted firm looking out for the best interests of underpaid minor leaguers. They've simplified identified a way to profit from the fact that most minor leaguers are paid like paupers, especially international players without cushy signing bonuses.
  8. I think the company is going to be the one making out pretty well in light of this agreement. It's a for-profit firm run by Wall Street types, not a charitable enterprise. They broker deals with minor league players who they think will make the majors.
  9. Beat me to it. I was just about to say that the misspelling is the least offensive part of that hat.
  10. If Nike were to go the pullover route, something Henley-style for batting practice or spring training would make the most sense.
  11. Is Nike actually going to introduce those gimmicky templates, or something similar, to MLB?
  12. I don't want to speak for them but I think the suggestion was more along the lines of introducing a blue alternate into the regular season mix. Something in line with the existing brand identity. I'd personally like to see a much more drastic overhaul, but I've accepted that it won't happen anytime soon.
  13. You mean to tell me that you don't find this attractive?
  14. I'm so glad that we all get to look at this beautiful cap for another year:
  15. It's been widely reported that the Mets offered Bauer $3 million more total and I see no reason to doubt that. They certainly have the money. At any rate, it seems likely that the Dodgers were bidding against the Mets. I wonder if Bauer would have gotten that deal if the Mets weren't in the picture.