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  1. This also means the Coyotes have now won a postseason game more recently then the Leafs. There's something immensely amusing about that.
  2. The Jays' powders are the best that team has ever looked.
  3. Funny, that doesn't seem to stop the Ducks at all from being an Anaheim-specific team in a major sports league. And really, if the NHL of all leagues can have a successful Anaheim team that doesn't bother trying to hock itself as a second-rate LA team, then surely a more popular league like MLB can afford the same luxury, right? And like, let's not kid ourselves; the name isn't "Los Angeles Angels" right now because Anaheim isn't "major league" as a geographic identifier, it's "Los Angeles Angels" because Arte wanted more money from TV deals. That's why he went to the much-memed "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" moniker that satisfied nobody first, as a weasley way to get LA in without skimping the deal. Again, the Ducks seem to get along just fine as a major-league Anaheim team. Have since 1993, in fact, with nary a hint of the name "Los Angeles Ducks" ever being considered for the club. I'm not sold on the idea of "Anaheim" inherently being a minor-league city name when we have another team in a major sports league proudly sporting the name for nearly 30 years now. And considering Anaheim by itself is bigger in population then Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and nearly at the same population as Cleveland, the idea that it's name is "simply not worthy of a major league" is kinda silly when those teams apparently are just fine as major-league market names. Phonetically, "Anaheim Angels" just sounds nice. "Los Angeles Angels" isn't bad, either, but that's still punching way higher then they probably should when stacked against a literal juggernaut like the Dodgers. Like the Chargers, except without the heartless relocation from a :censored:ty owner aspect.
  4. "Los Angeles Angels" is a silly name. "California Angels" doesn't work when you have other teams in NorCal (A's and Giants) and SoCal (Dodgers and Padres). "Anaheim Angels" is the clear choice, being the name the franchise won their sole World Series title under in 2002, but Moreno is desperately trying to pretend like the people of LA care deeply about his team sitting in Orange County. Instead of owning a smaller slice of the market he's uncontested in, he's trying to pull a Spanos and be the eternal B-tier to the Dodgers; which is silly, because the Ducks are proving there's more than enough people in Orange County to support an Anaheim-embracing club.
  5. I'm still a little miffed they aren't bringing back the star-cut, honestly. That was their best look, to me; I'd love it to be their throwback set if that happens next year.
  6. Meanwhile, my own team was rather thoroughly trounced, which doesn't exactly bode well for their chances against Nashville.
  7. Presson has literally confirmed it won't be Empire. At this point, I have to imagine it'll probably be a name that distances itself from the former name as much as possible.
  8. The only teams that I think could pull off mono-powder are the Jays and Expos, tbh. And even they would do well to have differently-colored pants.
  9. It's not bad, but the mark loses weight without the navy keyline that I think hurts it pretty badly. Even disregarding the now-floating eye, the entire mark looks too lightly-weighted without that keyline on a white backdrop, which is why I'd imagine they have it there to begin with.
  10. It's not like people's opinions have to be all-or-nothing "everything about this is incredible" or "I hate the name, so the entire identity sucks ass".
  11. Seems as though it was the Devils' ownership group that was trying to court Chayka from the Coyotes.