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  1. Eh, I wouldn't call the RPM logo "associated with failure", since RPM was actually a really good show. Man, if you want a real example of Power Rangers and failure...
  2. That's why I said "they'd be insanely logical for the 90's". It's fine, if overly "new style" and concept-y. It's not as bad as the Habs or Bruins ones, for sure.
  3. "We know we really :censored:ed up and you all hate our new logos, but it's too late to do anything. Maybe next time the NFL lets us rebrand again?"
  4. Oh, there ABSOLUTELY is a rivalry between San Diego and Los Angeles. It's one-sided, but San Diegans don't tend to be very fond of Los Angeles. Granted, most of the rest of Cali isn't necessarily fond of Los Angeles, either.
  5. Market beloving of team that scorned them still sticking to the team because the alternative is to cheer for the Rams, news at 11.
  6. Honestly, the Rangers and Leafs ones aren't terrible, they'd be insanely logical for the 90's...but the rest are pretty not good. Detroit's is the least bad of the rest, but that's because it's also basically Florida's jersey but in Red Wings colors. It's not good because it's well-made, it's good because it's not offensive to the eye. The Bruins' jersey looks more like a Pens alternate then a Bruins jersey, and the Habs and Hawks are both horrible.
  7. The Chargers had their fanbase and history; it was in San Diego, not the single year they spent in LA during their time in the AFL. As far as the NFL is concerned, the Chargers have always been San Diego's franchise. They abandoned them to go suck on Kroenke's tit in LA and it's gone about as horrifically badly as anybody with half of a goddamned brain could have predicted from Day 1. Nobody in LA cares about the Chargers, they care about the Rams and Raiders; two franchises that spent significant time in the Los Angeles market, unlike the Chargers. The Chargers do not belong in Los Angeles. It's that simple. They belong in San Diego.
  8. Well, that's because the Deadskins are run by Daniel Marc Snyder, who's one of the Four Sportsowners of the Apocalypse. :p
  9. LAFC isn't third fiddle in their own city.
  10. I mean, let's go back to the name thing; real buccaneers, like the famous Sir Henry Morgan, were not necessarily all that darkly-dressed; So for a team named the Buccaneers doesn't have to be dark in coloration; and the common thought when you hear the word "Buccaneer" isn't "dark", it's "Errol Flynn action movie" (or, if you're younger, probably Muppet Treasure Island). I'd argue a brighter, more flamboyant color scheme works just as well for a name like "Buccaneers" as a darker one.
  11. And teal is a good fit for "Jaguars" or "Sharks"? Orange is a good fit for "Dolphins"? Blue is a good color for "Lions" or "Maple Leafs"? Team colors don't have to necessarily "fit" the name perfectly. Hell, let's use a different Florida team as a good example of why forcing colors to "fit the team name" isn't always a good idea. The Panthers are a good example of this; what's necessarily "Panthers"-y about bright red, navy blue, gold, white and yellow put together? Not much, but the colors fit the location; aside from navy, all of them are bright, vibrant colors. They wouldn't look out of place, say, set against a Floridian sunset on the beach; Now imagine that same jersey in a color scheme that's closer to that of an actual Florida panther, so fitting the team name; ...and suddenly that jersey doesn't look nearly as appealing as it did before. I mean, what's visually eye-catching about tan, white and black? Sure, it's the accurate colors for a Florida panther, but it's also horribly boring from an aesthetic standpoint. There's basically no real "pop" color there, so going with a unique color scheme makes a whole lot of sense. This is why I don't like the rebranded colors for the Panthers; it loses that Floridian feel in favor of...I guess looking a little "tougher"? It's silly. The Bucs brand has been the same since the team's inception; it's been red, orange and white. Later on they added pewter, but those three colors remained core parts of the Buccaneers color scheme and branding. Abandoning orange is basically abandoning a core part of the team's visual identity since they were founded. And I don't think that's a good thing. You need only look at their NHL brothers in Amalie Arena to see why abandoning a unique color scheme to you is a terrible, no good, very bad idea.
  12. I mean, I dunno if it's age. I was born a year after the Bucs debuted the Super Bowl uniforms and so never even saw the creamsicles when they were the primary jerseys, but I still think orange is a crucial part of what makes the Bucs the Bucs. Without it, you're basically left with a look that is so...dull. And this is Florida, after all, the Sunshine State. "Dull" should be the LAST descriptor anybody should think of for a team based in Florida; ideally, teams would embrace brightness, not become even more dark.
  13. They've had orange for their entire existence. Red, orange and white is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No matter what logo, what jersey, those three colors have always been on the team in some form, and it should stay that way. Removing orange entirely would be as colossal a blunder as the Lightning removing black was for them. If you want to remove anything from the Bucs, you remove black; it's not really as important since you have pewter as your prerequisite dark color anyways. There's no real replacement for orange on the Bucs.
  14. I'm imagining they'll use the new horns, most likely. Why have two inconsistent horns on the brand when you can unify under one?
  15. I mean, better then being the Tampa Bay Falcons.