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  1. I'm assuming Detroit, Dallas, the Isles, Winnipeg and Toronto are down there with how universally they've been considered disappointments. The RR designs the NHL says sold the best are Washington, the Rangers, Anaheim, the Avs and the Coyotes. Outside of the Avs, all of them are 90's designs.
  2. The same kinds of people who made the Peyote and Wild Wing two of the very best selling Reverse Retros of them all? Funny how those two wacky designs are huge sellers but apparently this one would be an awful seller despite how :censored:ing infamous it is and how many people were demanding it when the RR program was initially leaked. People love kitschy and nostalgia, and these are both; it could have easily been a huge seller.
  3. You say that, but I have seen some Sabres fans openly embracing the Slug recently. This is the standard cycle of weird hockey designs; something starts out hated, then becomes beloved over time as the team moves away from it and it gets to be more old-school. Nostalgia crops up and people begin to ask for that design again, it eventually is brought back as an alternate, rinse and repeat. And many Islanders fans disagree with you about the Fisherman; I've seen plenty of Isles fans express interest in seeing it come back as an alternate jersey to their main set. Their mistake wasn't the idea, it was the fact it was a complete rebrand. Had it been a Wild Wing or Peyote "crazy-ass third" situation, things go differently for it. They're weird, but they're hardly "abominations" as alternate jerseys. Hell, the Islanders have had worse already as far as alternates go, unless you think their multiple BFBS jerseys are better than the Fisherman.
  4. And those teams didn't go "ooooh noooo, we can't bring those back, they're uuuuuglyyyyyy!!!". They just :censored:ing did it. Rather a team bring back a brash and ugly design straight-up than pussyfoot around with merch when everybody wants it as an alternate jersey like the Isles love doing. And again, they had options for a non-Fisherman unique-looking fauxback. They just chose the MS Paint option because Lou is a :censored:ing dinosaur who won't accept anything else.
  5. The Peyote "looked horrible in the late 90's" and was brought back. The Wild Wing "looked horrible in the late 90's" and was brought back. If Arizona and Anaheim are willing to own up to what are commonly considered two of the biggest jersey faux-pas of all time, why can't the Islanders do a Fisherman for a few games just to shut up the people clamoring for it? It's not like they're asking the Fisherman to come back full time, it's a :censored:ing specialty jersey, have some fun. Even if not the Fisherman, at LEAST pull a Vegas and do a Long Island Ducks fauxback in Isles colors to have something interesting beyond a 5-second MS Paint color job. When you make the friggin' HABS look bold with a jersey program, you've :censored:ed up.
  6. Like, if a franchise as stodgy, old-fashioned and alternate-timid as the Habs were willing to do something unique for their franchise for their Reverse Retro, the Islanders should've easily been able to do something similar. We're not exactly asking for a neon Dallas-level departure here, just give people who want the Fisherman a teal Fisherman to appease that demographic. Or hell, pull a Vegas and do a Long Island Ducks fauxback if you don't want to do the Fisherman. It's not nearly as much of a problem as Lou seems to think it is; after all, everybody else in the league did one willingly and put effort into them, even if the designs were simple. Only team that completely flunked the assignment of "do something bold" was the Islanders, who made a 5-second MS Paint recolor of their home jersey and called it a day. He gets results, but Lou is a dinosaur when it comes to the stuff beyond just the game itself.
  7. I still maintain that a teal Fisherman or some form of LI Ducks homage could've looked pretty nice for an alternate jersey only worn a few times this season. Certainly more distinguishable from the normal home than the one the team ended up with.
  8. They all had the courtesy of at least using designs not already on the Adidas template. The Islanders just essentially did their 2000's home jersey with a slightly different stripe arrangement, there's even less effort in that than the slight tweaks those teams did.
  9. I mean, it is barely different. They had options if they didn't want to do a Fisherman jersey, Lou just didn't allow any of them in all likelihood.
  10. They're the same thing with a darker blue and flipped stripes. Personally, I prefer the dynasty Isles colors over the 2000's Isles colors; one is associated with one of the most historically-dominant teams of all time, the other is associated with mediocre-to-bad teams on the precipice of moving to Kansas City, Hartford or wherever had an open NHL-quality rink.
  11. They didn't even have to do the Fisherman is the stupid thing, though. If Lou's that against the Fisherman as an alt, there's always an Islanders-colored version of the jersey of the team that paved the way for their existence; This in Islanders colors would've been a perfect Reverse Retro design for them; embraces the history of Long Island hockey, isn't outlandish-looking and is visually-unique from the rest of their jerseys. Instead, we get a barely-changed Islanders home jersey.
  12. You mean like how Anaheim and Arizona brought back their incredibly kitschy 90's jerseys in full sincerity for theirs and how the team seems perfectly fine using the fisherman logo for merch and everything else? Yeah, actually. A fisherman in their current blue could've been a nice Reverse Retro. This is uninspired. It'd be like Toronto changing the shade of blue on their home jersey and saying "it's Reverse Retro now"; like sure, you reversed something, but the program kinda dictated bringing back older designs, y'know? When teams like Arizona, Buffalo, Anaheim and the like are all doing entirely new designs never done on the Adidas template, the least the Isles could have done is a Calgary or New York where they only change the Fisherman's color scheme. Like sure, it's not bad. But it's dissapointing, which is arguably worse. This looks nigh-identical to their home jersey as it stands, what was even the :censored:ing point of making it if you were going to make it so similar? At least the Leafs and Jets, disappointing though their jerseys are, showed some thought in bringing back older designs and logos. The Isles forgot to make a design until 5 minutes before the deadline, quickly slapped a recolor up and submitted it as their final design. Hell, they could've pulled a Vegas and done a fauxback to the Long Island Ducks if they were so insistent against using the Fisherman design for it and it would've gone better because it would at least be unique in their jersey set from a design perspective.
  13. Yeah, but the entire point of Reverse Retro was to be unique spins on retro designs. This is just their normal home with a change of blue and a flipped stripe order.
  14. The old logo had the fake chrome look that plagued car logo designs from the late 90's and 2000's, and I don't really care for the shape of the lion; it feels like someone took a Heraldic lion and just made it blocky. The new logo is a much simpler and more elegant design that'll look great on the grill of a car.