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  1. If I had to guess, it'd probably be more like they'll just make it so each team has to carry a third goaltender of their own, rather then have a single emergency backup that can go to either team. Also covers their asses in case (somehow) both teams get dropped to a third goaltender in the same game. And putting a player not used to playing a goaltender position in the net wouldn't work well.
  2. Caps fans might disagree with you there, considering they always bow out in the first or second round when they win the President's Trophy. Yeah, Tampa played way too hard through the entire regular season, wasted all their gas on that and thought they could coast through the playoffs without having to ramp up the intensity to any degree since everybody was already calling them the Cup champions; they were swiftly and viciously reminded that playoff hockey is a very different animal from regular season hockey, an animal which that team was not built to handle in any way. You don't win a Cup by having a back end that can't outmuscle the opposing team; goals are harder to come by in the playoffs anyways, so putting all the eggs in the offensive basket isn't a great idea. Columbus flat-out devoured Tampa's offense and took advantage of the not-as-good defense.
  3. I'd disagree; the team seems perfectly happy to bring back purple for thirds or throwbacks, and it's a distinctly Los Angeles color in the NHL; they should embrace that, not shun it. The only other purple team was Anaheim...which is a part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. And they're also predominantly using black. The current colors also just look really boring when on the ice, especially in home games. You get black on white like 99% of the time then; that's about as visually-exciting as watching paint dry on a block of wood. Purple vs. red, purple vs. blue, etc. all look much more interesting and visually appealing. In an era where jerseys and colors are a huge and integral part of a sports brand, looking unique and interesting is a huge asset. Besides, you'd expect more vivid, brighter colors out of a team in LA anyways; there's yellows and purples for the Lakers, blues, whites and reds for the Dodgers and Clippers, reds and whites for the Angels and even the Ducks heavily push orange in their brand; meanwhile, the Kings have the most boring color scheme in the NHL. Plus, with the Raiders moving to Vegas (after having already moved back to Oakland), that association won't matter anymore. Not unless the Kings want their look to have ties to a Vegas team. The team is bad, they'll be coming out of a rebuild with those glory days behind them having made two playoff appearances since then; one first-round exit where they nearly got swept by a division rival and the other first-round exit where they did get swept by a division rival. They're not that Cup-winning team anymore, they're going to be bad for a bit. Honestly, I'd be shocked if the Kings didn't rebrand as the rebuild nears it's end like Ottawa is planning on doing.
  4. Let us never forget to mention the national holiday of Bobby Bonilla Day.
  5. And that's why they're definitely keeping it around. Because the Bucs specialize in disappointment.
  6. Might have something to do with the recent leaks, perhaps. If they were going with "Kraken", perhaps the rather intense backlash from the RMNB leak caused them to reconsider the idea of naming the team that. The colors from that recent leak (red, tealish-green, black) have very little to do with evergreen trees (I'd imagine that identity to be green/black/white or something, not red/tealish green/black); and while I doubt they go with Kraken, those colors are consistent with the branding we've seen from the Seattle team so far. They've been red and black from the outset, and they've had a tealish-green on the site for a while now. Personally, I think that they'll go with "Sockeyes", just to keep the marine angle that Seattle sports teams have all leaned on while evading the comparisons to failed franchises (Sea Lions) or the inevitable slaughter of picking the name people have already torn to shreds (Kraken). It's locally-relevant, safe, easily-marketable and fun.
  7. Use that recolored version of the 2000's crown they have lying around as the primary logo, put the banner on the shoulders and you have a massive improvement. I'd still say the Kings need purple, but at least they'd have a look that's not a holdover from the Reebok era.
  8. Doug Wilson thinks otherwise, apparently.
  9. I mean, may as well keep him around for this year. There's no way you guys make the playoffs anyways, might as well let Thornton have one last ride. 'Sides, he'd be useful to help develop your younger players with some veteran experience; and that's important for a rebuilding team.
  10. The President's Trophy-winning, swept-in-the-first-round-by-a-team-that-never-won-a-playoff-series-before Tampa Bay Lightning, let us never forget. Arizona was good last year, too, but got absolutely obliterated by injuries; sorta like what's happening to the Pens and Jackets this year. They just barely missed the playoffs last year in spite of it, so I'm not shocked they're doing well this year. Good to finally see them get scoring more then like 2-3 goals, though, that's been a problem. Though Tampa's gotta be breathing a sigh of relief that they didn't lay the biggest egg of the night. Boston decided to one up them and let in like 9 goals against the Canucks...
  11. It was rejected by a trademark office. That's more then just "oh throw it out someone else is using it".
  12. Except...we just saw the Flying V come back for the 50th; What I'd be down for, personally, is keeping the Flying Skate as a third and just have the WCE-era Canucks jersey as the Throwback alternate; Then we have every main Canucks color scheme represented without having to rebrand the team again. I'd be super hopeful Toronto to bring this puppy back in an Adidas, honestly. I don't know if the Leafs' St. Pats jersey would work, since they already use it as an event jersey for St. Patrick's Day.
  13. They haven't exactly been icons of exceptional success in the current color scheme either; they had a bunch of Wild Card/Divisional Round dropouts early on, one Super Bowl win just about two decades ago and they've never been past the Wild Card round since then; and the Bucs haven't even been to the Wild Card in over a decade. They've spent the entirety of the 2010's never even making a single playoff appearance; only the Browns can claim a similarly dubious award. The Bucs of now are not known for a Super Bowl win over a decade ago, they're known for Famous Jameis' turnovers, endless playoff futility and having all of two seasons over a .500 winning percentage; a .625 in 2010 and a .563 in 2016. They may have been bad in the Creamsicles, but they sure haven't been much better in the Pewter as of late, now have they? Hell, they're just about two seasons from matching the Creamsicle Bucs' playoff missing streak, if my math is right (though math has never been my strong suit, admittedly). If the look is locally popular, they'd do well to lean in on it. Though it is the Bucs, so I wouldn't be surprised if they just doubled down on pewter.
  14. This is excellent; though I wouldn't mind the logo pattern being incorporated into the striping proper; I always love when teams have little quirks like that to individualize them. It's (obviously) miles ahead of the Reebok holdovers the team currently uses. I'd also add the Peace Tower logo as a secondary logo to compliment the 2D Praetorian Guard logo, but that's personal preference at that point.
  15. I would agree that some bits of red would seal the deal on the brand; honestly, I think going with more traditional striping for the sleeves and socks would work well for getting some red in without it being overpowering in regards to the pewter and orange (perhaps a red/white/red Braisher striping could look good). Maybe also make the top of the pants red, as well? Regardless of that, it's still a gargantuan improvement on the utter disaster of a look that the team has currently; minimizing pewter is definitely the right way to go for the Bucs.