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  1. Carolina will be using the black alternate as their home jersey in the playoffs for the third consecutive season. Also, Pittsburgh will be using their marigold alternate jerseys in a similar manner.
  2. Lots of teams that "go back" to a look right now modify it in some form (Buffalo with the striping, Ottawa with the logo colors and font). I think only Calgary so far has gone full throwback, and I'm pretty sure Arizona will be similar to that. And honestly, the current logo definitely has an air of "mid-2000's" to it with all the outlines, especially since no other variant of the logo before had lines separating the B and spokes from one another. It's a design aspect that definitely feels a little dated compared to the rest of the O6 logos, and mixing elements of that with elements of the Orr/Neely/Bourque logo seems like the kind of unification that'd make sense. Meth Bear's too popular among the Bruins fanbase, I think purposefully ditching it right after reviving it in the Reverse Retro might not go down well.
  3. Binghamton may have lost the Devils, but they're getting a replacement...if you can call an FPHL team a replacement for an AHL team.
  4. I mean, they brought it back for the Reverse Retro when they could have probably done a version of their 1996 white set in blue, a white version of the gear jersey or something of that nature. And now there's murmurs of them bringing the throwback back into the rotation in a era where a bunch of teams are going back to throwback looks. I think they wanted to establish orange and navy as their colors, but it hasn't stuck. You still see a lot of royal blue and orange jerseys in the crowd at Rogers Place, whether it's the Adidas throwback, the Reebok WHA throwback, the royal blue Reebok jerseys or actual vintage stuff. They're kind of like the Islanders in that way.
  5. So, uh...Buffalo's turned from a garbage dump into a Grade A+ tirefire today; If the Pegulas were smart, they'd look at this and hear a :censored:ing nuclear siren going off. But they won't.
  6. And it's confirmed, the Sound Tigers are now the Bridgeport Islanders with the leaked logo; I am thoroughly unpleased with this; not only is it just not a great logo, but it's replacing a unique minor-league identity with yet another goddamned "baby *major club*" team.
  7. To be fair, that was a Koho thing; the CCM and Reebok throwbacks didn't have that big of a design; I think this version would look fine on a Winter Classic-styled collar design, which is what I suspect the fabric change might be about considering that most people tend to prefer that style to the pentagon style.
  8. Evidently someone decided that the AHL needed another "B-major club", because the Sound Tigers are now the Bridgeport Islanders;
  9. I would hazard a guess that the navy thirds may not have sold particularly well compared to other jerseys, and that's why they're looking into bringing back the royal blues. The royal blue Oilers jersey seems to always sell really well, which is why the team keeps going back to it. Feels like they're the Canadian Islanders in that they keep deviating from the past only to get sucked back in because it's just consistently a better selling jersey. Could also be a feeling out of trends, as many sports teams brand around; after all, the Sabres just ditched navy for royal and the Islanders haven't had navy in years, and with the Flames going back to their 80's look to thunderous applause, the Sens also returning to a throwback design full-time and the Coyotes all but confirmed to be introducing a white Kachina this offseason, the Oilers are likely looking at the clear trend towards throwback looks being brought back full-time that's developed within the NHL and weighing their options. On an offhand note, I wouldn't be particularly surprised if the Ducks were also weighing their options. The Wild Wing was the third-best selling Reverse Retro and people are practically chomping at the bit to see the Ducks go throwback full-time, especially ahead of an anniversary season. It makes business sense to go with what is your most popular and best-selling look.
  10. The Utica team is remaining the Comets, actually, per the Devils' press release;
  11. Just wait for Mike Milbury, Head of DoPS!
  12. This :censored:ing mess of a game is all on Parros' head for not suspending Wilson. If the DOPS suspends Buchnevich while letting Wilson go with a fine, I legit think hockey media will explode. And, knowing the incompetence of the DoPS...I expect a multi-game suspension for Buchnevich. What a :censored:ing joke.
  13. Or James Dolan didn't like that Gorton and Davidson weren't entirely on-board with picking a fight with the league and so he told them to off. Considering the history of leader of the Straight Shots' dictatorship over the Knicks, dude is very easy to personally sleight by disagreeing with him. Dude bans fans for holding signs, firing employees for not mindlessly agreeing with him practically declaring war on the league FO like puppets is perfectly in-character for him.
  14. I don't think it'll be left behind for long; the Devils seem to be moving their farm team from Binghamton to Utica, if the Comets owner trademarking "Utica Devils" is any indication.