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  1. See, that's just their 90's dark jersey with a different logo, though. Raiders colors works on turf, where the backing is green. On ice, where the backing is white, it doesn't work nearly as well to me. You're either dominantly black against a dominantly white road team, which is the most basic matchup visually possible, or you're dominantly white against a colorful home team and left looking really, really bland in comparison. The purple and gold look gorgeous on and off the ice.
  2. You say that as if the NFL doesn't consider the postponement good enough precaution.
  3. Christ, this game was painful to watch. Patricia better be gone and gone quick.
  4. "What's that? Play the game anyways and hope for the best? You got it, chief!"
  5. One will be a gradient fade from blue to yellow like what the Falcons did and the other will be either a BFBS uniform or, if they feel particularly kind, a throwback. Calling it now.
  6. I mean, I love the creamsicles as much as the next guy...but the Super Bowl look is FAR from being terrible.
  7. Might even be both; teal as the main alternate and white as something like what Vancouver does with the skate. Neither of the two have been done on the Adidas base, after all, and it's a pretty important anniversary. Wouldn't be shocked if the stealth alt is retired, at least temporarily.
  8. The foot logo doesn't really make much sense anymore since they don't have any connections to yetis or sasquatch; not since Howler was unceremoniously retired, at least. The Colorado C at least is more general-purpose. In non-Avalanche related news...Becher just teased that another jersey reveal is coming for the Sharks on the Fin Factor pod. Given it's an anniversary season, I can think of approximately one or two things it could possibly be; a teal early 90's jersey or a white early 90's jersey.
  9. Aw son of a . Of course the year'd kick us one last goddamned time. :c EDIT: And Boychuk's retiring due to his eye injury, too.
  10. No, that's just from the Colorado state flag. They're just circles.
  11. It's also something they've had for most of their very, very long history. The split horn looks like half of an aperture more then a ram's horn.
  12. At the same time, it also looked like they grabbed stock hockey equipment off the shelf and gave it to the players, especially now, since black isn't really a thing on the jersey. I think the blue'll look a bit more cohesive with the rest of their uniform, which is an improvement.
  13. Well, :censored:. The Curse of Brown strikes once more in Cincy.
  14. So how long until we get people submitting names the Edmonton Harambes, Edmonton Deez Nuts or Edmonton McEdmontons?