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  1. Because it's the Jets. They, like the Falcons, have an illustrious and storied Legacy of Failure.
  2. Another glorious addition to the Falcons' illustrious and sprawling Legacy of Failure!
  3. Oh, Falcons, you just had to blow a 20-point lead, didn't you?
  4. The move from Atlanta to Winnipeg was a move of necessity more than one of will; the NHL's hands were tied due to the circus act Atlanta Spirit was pulling on the franchise's potential buyers. Hell, the entire reason the NHL basically gifted True North the Thrashers was because they had to move the Thrashers from Atlanta or outright fold them; we all know True North's original goal was the old Jets, but the Coyotes, for all their financial turmoil, weren't exactly being kicked out of their own rink with nowhere else to play. They were the easier team to keep around, especially since Glendale was bending over backwards to please the NHL. If ASG doesn't do literally everything in their power to kill the Thrashers and the NHL can get the team sold to new ownership, the Thrashers stay in Atlanta, the Coyotes may or may not have moved (I'd hazard it's pretty possible, but the NHL likely would not have wanted to lose the Phoenix market to Winnipeg if it could be helped) and Winnipeg may or may not still be waiting for a second NHL team.
  5. See, the thing for me is that Phoenix-to-Houston...doesn't really gain the NHL that much in terms of footprint. You're going from the 11th largest TV market to the 8th; a jump of...three spots. There's not really that much of an inherent benefit to Houston over Phoenix in terms of footprint of market. Besides, why waste Houston as a relocation team when it's practically perfect for a nice big chunk of expansion change once this has all blown over? We all know it's basically a given that sports leagues will likely be looking at expansion as a means of recouping from the COVID losses once things are back to normal. Plus, the only arena there'd be is Toyota Center, and no way in hell is Fetitta not leveraged to hell with his purchase of the Rockets and Toyota Center. The only way he'd be able to have a chance at a team is to group together with a bunch of other businessmen and try that; but, at least if I recall correctly, the meetings he had with the BoG weren't the smoothest affairs, and I can't imagine some of his comments went over very well with other owners (that "hockey struggles south of the Mason-Dixie line, and it's a fact" one in particular would likely rub some owners the wrong way). If I'm the NHL, I'm not wasting an easy place to get a big expansion check from as a rebound from a economic downturn on a relocation team which would fetch a significantly smaller fee. Florida-Québec makes more logical sense since there's two of the major components in place; an ownership group that plays by the NHL's rules and an arena up to modern standards; and it's dead-simple to do logistically, since you really only have to edit one name. The main hurdle there, though, is the CAD. Houston, by contrast, has the arena, but ownership is a problem. They want Houston, but do they want it as a relocation? I'm not sure on that.
  6. The newness factor also probably plays a big role; the Kraken are the big new team in town, so naturally a lot of people will be excited for them and rep their gear.
  7. So...uh...Dallas seems to be doing well against Tampa. EDIT: Game 1 ends, final is 4-1 Dallas.
  8. They got Buffalo's pretty much perfect. Can't see why they'd mess up horribly on the Flames.
  9. I don't think so? From everything I'm seeing through my looking online, the Trois-Rivieres ECHL team is still a-go for the 2021-22 season. The Coralville ECHL team just seems to be a new venture entirely for MacDonald.
  10. They might be. The taxonomy of Canis lupus rufus/Canis rufus/Canis lupus × Canis latrans is a labyrinth of conflicting conclusions. Besides, so many goddamned teams use "Wolves" that it feels like "Redwolves" would be closer to "Golden Knights" in that it's another "Wolves" name, just with a prefix slapped on.
  11. I mean, a wolf/coyote hybrid that may or may not even be a distinct animal would be the kind of thing Snyder would choose. I prefer Redtails, though. I like the double-meaning it has, even if I'd expect Snyder to just go the bird route.
  12. I dunno, the article calls Coralville an expansion team, not a relocation of the Growlers; Which I believe means MacDonald now has three ECHL teams; the Growlers, the Trois-Rivieres team and the Coralville team. As for location; yeah, it's a suburb of Iowa City.
  13. I think that set with a modernized 2D logo as the primary, the Peace Tower as the secondary and the heritage sets as the alternates would just be mwah. The peak Senators look.
  14. I mean, it's basically identical to the shade of gold Anaheim, Florida and Vegas use, just a tinge darker; And I really do mean a tinge; there's no Pantone for the new Sens gold yet, but the values I have for it in the color picker for my image editing software are R:183, G:146 and B:87. The VGK/ANA/FLA gold is R:185, G:151 and B:91, and the original ANA/OTT gold is R:198, G:146 and B:20. I honestly feel they probably could've gone with Vegas Gold, like what Pittsburgh used to have, and it'd have been less confusing. If they wanted the same type of gold as those three...why not just use that same shade? Why make such a pointlessly minute change to the shade at all?
  15. Since when has Dan Snyder cared about the fans' feelings?
  16. I mean, there was the Conference Finals run? I guess?
  17. Took this from their official website; it's probably the best look we've got so far at the new logo. Looks like it's not completely the same as the vintage; the line weights have been changed slightly around the plume. That gold cape is gonna bug me, though. And I feel like they could've taken the opportunity to edit the face a bit if they were already changing the logo.
  18. Didn't even bother with a hype cycle lmao, just plopped it out on social media. Peak Melnyk Sens.
  19. Tampa looked gassed as :censored: in that OT. Now they get a rested Stars team, who plays pretty much the same style the Isles do.
  20. It's been positive, but the logo's reaction has been kinda mixed; people like the 2D logo in general, but it does seem as though there's a divide between an updated version and the strict original camps. Same with the jerseys; there's the white stripe-camp and the white stripeless camp. I wouldn't be shocked if they're maybe experimenting a little behind the scenes based on what's been said. It does really complicate things that merch is already out there, though.
  21. If I was a conspiratory nut, I'd say they're changing the design based on fan reactions. But this IS the Senators...plus, I somehow doubt they'd be able to make changes this quickly. IIRC, their plan is to release it at the draft, though?
  22. The Coyotes aren't the only team struggling in the pandemic, I should note. Teams like Buffalo and Ottawa have also been taking bad hits from the goings-on; and every Canadian team but the Leafs has been slashing pay as of late. Hell, even teams like Pittsburgh are apparently planning for an internal cap. It's a league-wide issue. I know the Coyotes are apparently the easy punching bag for people because "lOl dEsErt hOcKey", but there's quite a few teams feeling the crunch. If anything, I'd be looking at poor old liver-thieving Eugene's wallet. This whole pandemic has gotta be doing a number on his finances.
  23. Seems the arena for Seattle's AHL affiliate is moving to Palm Desert, and the Native tribe is no longer involved.