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  2. If it takes someone telling you something to see it, that's not exactly great logo design lmao
  3. I'm fairly sure that's just the ice blue they're using on the road jersey. Not surprised they're still tweaking some stuff, given they're still a ways out from taking the ice.
  4. Funny, most Oilers fans I see want them to go back to royal blue because it's the only look the team's done anything in besides the '06 run. The change to navy and orange wasn't even due to "feeling outdated", it was management trying to force a "new era" look onto the franchise and failing. Similarly, the Kachina is by far the most popular and enduring look for the Coyotes amongst fans. The howling logo has it's supporters, but the prominence of the Kachina branding is increasing because the Kachina just sells better locally.
  5. jesus christ, how does this keep getting worse EDIT: (tw: actual :censored:ing rape) JESUS :censored:ING CHRIST, IT GETS EVEN WORSE
  6. Holland stop, you're already doing enough damage to Oilers fans
  7. Well, I think it's pretty clear that the howling logo is officially dead. I'm assuming we'll see the rebrand fully revealed either during the Expansion Draft or before the Entry Draft.
  8. Lmao Edmonton's defense is gonna SUUUUUUCK next season
  9. My assumption is that RR's are being treated like any other event jersey and teams can chose to adopt them as full-time alternates next season if they so desire, like what Boston did with their 2016 Winter Classic jersey being adopted as their alt the next season.
  10. Hopefully this keeps them in town. The way A's ownership has been dragging their heels on everything indicates to me they're trying to pull a Stan Kroenke "fight and say no until they give up and let you :censored: off to a new market" tactic.
  11. I'm talking about the new alternates, not the Classics series. Gabe's already posted what those are.
  12. My guess is that the Devils and LA are just replacing their current alts with their Reverse Retros. Maybe the Pens are doing the same. Jets...maybe a 90's throwback?
  13. Eh, I think there's a way to make it work if you futz with the color placements a bit; This looks pretty decent, IMO.
  14. The Seals were many colors and names throughout their short, chaotic history; they were originally kelly green/white/blue as the California Seals, then renamed to the Oakland Seals, then renamed again to California Golden Seals when they moved to kelly green/gold/white after Finley bought them in the 70's and later recolored again to teal/yellow/white for their final two seasons. The Seals were not a very stable brand, to be mild. These are new Team Classics jerseys, not on-ice jerseys.
  16. Yeah, when hadn't the majority consensus for the Padres been "go back to brown and yellow" before they actually did? Besides, from what I've seen around online, a good chunk of the Mets fanbase loves the black jerseys as alternates.
  17. Eh, I like the fauxback element of it; plus, it does tie back to the franchise's original logos pretty well, since the whole skeleton motif didn't really come in until the mid-2000's. The fridge logo was fun, but sometimes it's nice to also just do a modernized take on a classic logo.
  18. Eh, aggressivity is such an overrated factor in sports logo design. You look at pretty much all of the most iconic sports logos and you don't really see very many with a focus on it; the Leafs, Bruins, Habs, Rangers, Wings, Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Warriors, Lakers, Celtics, Patriots, Giants, Packers...all utterly iconic sports logos, none feature aggressive elements. I never liked how the old hawk lacked a lower beak; made it feel incomplete. Plus, the new logo incorporating Mt. Hood into the design is a nice bit of local tie in comparison to it just being another "angry bird head" logo.
  19. I prefer the new one definitely. I like how it incorporates Mount Hood into the design along with a cleverly-hidden WH, and I like the more defined beak on the new hawk in comparison to the previous alternate. The old one kinda looked like a hawk-shaped blob more than anything, and the new logo fixes that. About the only thing I'd change is making the beak solid gold instead of a gradient, but it's a solid logo.
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