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  1. He's always been a shaky guy. It'll get more noticeable as he gets older Also the team crowding around him while he gave the Cup presentation speech was great, I hope it becomes the new tradition
  2. that title belt thing is so corny now that they stopped sending the Big Gold Belt and just give them an ugly WWE logo on a strap
  3. Four ads on the court, impressive numbers
  4. My Marlins fix is them not ignoring the identity they had when they went on two incredible World Series runs
  5. Maybe the best game of the playoffs. MNF is getting recorded this week
  6. On the mound, the batter's eye, and in the middle of at-bats too
  7. Is that a bridge? Or just some sort of stylized shield? What am I looking at
  8. The attempt to honor Negro League history while also having a big advertisement on the jersey is a hilarious juxtaposition. It also makes KC's uniforms look like a college set
  9. I agree it's not a wordmark and I think it would look great on their current jerseys in the new colors
  10. Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals, Jets, Rams. The Dolphins, Falcons, Panthers, Pats, and Titans could make small changes to their current sets. Every other team looks perfectly fine imo
  11. I picked a good time to stop watching baseball
  12. Even if they don't change back to it, the throwback logo in the endzone is a great way to honor that period of the team's history. I can think of a handful of teams who could incorporate past logos into their on-field branding
  13. Well there's a big advertisement on the front of it
  14. Absolutely gorgeous logo and uniforms. Is there a name for the style the logo is in? It was quite common in the 70s
  15. I find it very bizarre that Manfred has ignored the effectiveness of a pitch clock during his crusade against the sport. It is obvious when you watch games that the pitchers and batters dicking around between pitches is the main cause of the slowed pace and long games. Yet instead of the simple solution, we get no-pitch IBBs, intentionally juiced balls, mound visit limitations, etc. I have not seen a big four league(s) been so ineptly run in a long time.
  16. I love when teams do stuff like this
  17. Big fan of all of these. My ranking would be: Vegas/Tampa Dallas/New York Vegas/New York Dallas/Tampa
  18. Love their set except for the armpit stripe as well. Always hated their helmets so the navy is a big improvement. Change the thumbtack logo and they'll look damn good