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  1. Not awarding the Campbell and the Prince of Wales trophies is pretty lame. They could just award them to either finalist, it's not like they're called the Western Conference and Eastern Conference Trophies
  2. It's a fun thought experiment, but the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Vikings outside of their proper divisions makes me sick to my stomach Yes
  3. I wonder how the Royals would react to having to switch divisions if the A's moved somewhere east
  4. This absolutely sucks lol. Jobber uniform for a moribund team
  5. It's crazy how teams think alternate uniforms are more worthy of being used in marquee games than the actual home uniform. The same mentality is in the NFL
  6. Why are the playoffs turning into an alternate uniform showcase lately?
  7. Navy is a painfully boring color in hockey, the Oilers shouldn't use it
  8. You mean like the Ravens considering signing him until his girlfriend compared Bisciotti to a slave owner? Or the NFL setting up an unprecedented workout attended by 25 scouts in 2019, in the middle of the season, that he canceled at the last minute so that he could hold a media event where he :censored: on the NFL? Why doesn't Jacksonville call up someone who hasn't played in five years and wants $20 million a year to contend for the starting job against their #1 overall pick?? It just doesn't make sense to me
  9. It's been 15 years and Tebow still gets people riled up just by existing
  10. I can't believe the Cardinals still wear that awful jersey lol
  11. Why care about anything if you don't care about everything?
  12. I think all of the Patriot unis have been good
  13. The NBA was the only league where the kitsch changes in design and aesthetic in the 90s worked
  14. Bottom pic is a good look
  15. Yeah there is, I prefer the aesthetics of the old system.
  16. I'm pretty sure Brady has more insightful commentary on quarterbacking than that
  17. Looks great and will be a beaut on the uniform
  18. another six pages of this and I think one of you will finally convince the other to change their opinion
  19. Did they actually put ads on the movie uniforms?? Lmao
  20. Hornsby, Gibson, Pujols, and Molina would all make it before Brock and Binner. I'd go for Warner and Hull before them too, just to spread it across multiple sports
  21. Not the point I was making.