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  1. STRONGLY disagree but I can see you're biased. I can't think of a cheaper-looking logo in professional sports history than the current Clippers' one.
  2. Surely not worse than the LA Clipart Clippers. I'll always be astounded by their current logo. If only the Nets could somehow wear the tie-dyes against them. Two wildest NBA uniforms ever.
  3. Does the Nets jersey look like a fake to anyone else? The circle graphic on the front is so thin it's see-through, and the NBA logos are not stitched on swingman jerseys usually.
  4. They did make the playoffs last season...
  5. Wow, the Nets finally did a subway theme! And the font looks like their 80s logo to boot. I'm betting the pattern will look better on the real thing. It's a shame those Suns ones won't see the light of day. I like the Jazz, Bucks and Nuggets too. Kind of cool to see a yellow Heat jersey but it needs a little red. Clippers continue to lower the bar.
  6. Exactly what I thought they'd do. Seeing the leak, I'm wondering what the hell the inspiration is.
  7. Love the Memphis jerseys. They should just ditch the blues and go with the classic colors full-time.
  8. I feel like powder blue NASA suits are the inspiration for the Rockets set.
  9. I love that an internet-themed logo was on the table, lol. And that top right one is definitely too similar to the Nerf logo.
  10. Six is too many, especially when it means wearing the throwbacks fewer times to make room for 5 others... but I won't complain if they have another one that says Nets across the front.
  11. I'll be surprised if the Nets abandon the Coogi already. Maybe a variation of the black Coogi uniform this time? For Houston there's so much potential for a NASA-inspired set. I would love to see something way more creative than the H-Town one.
  12. Earned Edition unis are coming back this year? https://news.sportslogos.net/2020/10/15/we-the-chevrons-toronto-raptors-unveil-new-uniforms/basketball/
  13. Wow, the Nets' home whites were subtly tie-dyed too back in 90-91? Never knew this.
  14. Legends is just a brand. But yeah, they should burn all that est. 2012 junk.
  15. I've been seeing a lot of Nets fans crediting Kyrie and his New Jersey roots for the decision to bring on these NJ throwbacks. Doesn't the NBA approval process for throwback/alternate jerseys begin two years ahead of time?
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