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  1. Chicago Red Stars are all about Chicago Pride!
  2. I mean High profile college teams do same color jersey/pants and have been tasteful and not over the top. White Sox got it right with all black, but its no different then teams like the Phillies and Cardinals going all Sky blue... both of which that color isn't even part of their scheme, but still looks good.
  3. I know you already have national teams in parentheses but for better understanding, and I think most people refer to national federation teams as national teams rather than international teams.
  4. For most soccer rebrands (cough cough Fire...Impact...) it gets messy, but I feel as though Inter would be WAY to hard to screw up. You'll have to be going out of your way to make a crappy crest.
  5. I've noticed with these two adidas kits that they don't have matching long sleeve shirts for the jersey color.... now that I notice it more it gets more infuriating.
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