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  1. For me, seeing him in anything but a Reds uniform is weird.
  2. The Ravens added purple pants in 2018 with little to no warning. They also had the infamous mustard pants they surprised unveiled for one game and then rightfully got rid of immediately afterward (in my head canon they got burned). Hell, the Browns didn't show off the orange pants last year when they unveiled their new uniforms, only added them once the season started. Ironically, both of these happened against on Week 2 TNF games against the Bengals.
  3. First look at the new look Bengals.
  4. I think an orange outline around the stripes would help. It's mimic the numbers on the white jersey and it's just the reverse of what they did with the other white pants. I don't think it'd ruin the aesthetic they were going for with the all white road either.
  5. According to the website black is still the primary. https://twitter.com/Bengals/status/1384115632115884039?s=20
  6. They're not bad. And they're not Yoga pants so I consider it a win.
  7. Yeah it sounds like the white jersey and white pants are going to be heavily influenced by the color rush. Most concepts I've seen based off the leaks from earlier have mostly black with little orange on the white jersey. Which you won't hear me complain because I loved the Bengals color rush.
  8. Right not to be expected. They'll definitely be worn with the black jersey at some point. But I like that'd look good so I won't complain.
  9. I'm absolutely okay with orange pants. Just don't pair them with the orange jersey and they'll be fine.
  10. In a podcast interview with Dan Hoard, Director of Strategy & Engagement Elizabeth Blackburn brought out some good information: 3 jerseys, 3 pants for 9 possible combinations Throwbacks could happen in the future They thought about modernizing the helmets, but decided against it. Also just some general insight to the design process for NFL uniforms. I thought it was good information.
  11. Fair. And I probably would have too. But most people probably feel anything more than a few minutes is a little too long for twitter.
  12. Absolutely too long for Twitter. Still really well done.
  13. Monday, April 19. Date at the end of the video (which is like seven minutes btw).