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  1. That "SC" doesn't need to be on a line by itself. I'm irrationally upset by it just kind of sitting in negative space all alone.
  2. If you look at their twitter avatar and the graphics supporting appears those lines are sound's just odd how they truncated them in the badge.
  3. I really like that jock tag/secondary logo for Toronto with the tower inside the maple leaf. Is that new?
  4. "Lift & shift" of AC Milan's jersey or not...those are beautiful. I love them.
  5. Not sure if it was officially posted...but here's the NYRBs' 2019 primary Wholeheartedly disagree with the move away from white jerseys. When you're already criticized for being "energy drink FC"...perhaps coloring your jersey silver/gray like your drink can isn't the best approach. The "glitch" patterned words are an interesting touch. I don't love nor hate them...
  6. I wouldn't mind this if they opted for claret shorts rather than white. With all the claret pattern amassing more towards the bottom hem, it just seems like a natural progression into a colored short.
  7. It'd be interesting to have them partner with the Aussie Rules code team and just call themselves "Western Bulldogs AFC"
  8. Reminder: you're speaking of a league that requires a novel to explain it's transfer money allocation system and its plethora of exceptions thereof.
  9. There's something very "Montreal Machine, WLAF" about San Antonio's uniforms. San Diego's mismatch of yellows on the helmet and uniforms disturbs my eyes. Memphis' set is gorgeous. Birmingham looks like a poorly-funded high school team. Salt Lake's uniforms have a great concept that just doesn't/didn't translate well onto their uniforms. Atlanta's dull helmets clash more than I thought they would with the intense purple on their jerseys (could be the lighting, though).
  10. Digital alarm clock numbers and reflective tire-tread patterns....confirmed.
  11. It appears as tho the previous tiger in the badge was doused with a bucket of water...and is now soaking wet.
  12. The point is to try to pitch/spin the idea of "there are two clubs in LA...the other one is hip and cool but we've WON MORE." Galaxy have allegedly been losing the promotional battle between the two clubs now setup in the area, so they've gotta find some angle to leverage IMO.
  13. Reminds me of something a team in Blades of Steel for NES would wear.
  14. Those light blue wings on the Salt Lake helmet get absolutely lost on that tone of silver.
  15. It's a whole gambit of emotion. really creative stuff...really big misses of some great opportunities. Birmingham going with the plain black helmet...expected. However, they come off looking like some generic "final boss" team you'd have to unlock in Madden. ATL not doing the "forward-facing crown" is a bummer Arizona's helmet stripe featuring their "AZ" logo is an awesome and creative surprise. San Antonio's helmet is a mess of elements fighting for attention. Orlando's decal is by the looks of it positioned waaaay too far back on the helmet. I know what they were trying to do, but it's disappointing given their clean uniforms. Memphis' look from top to bottom is top-notch. The Fleet's striping pattern will probably be lost on many folks. They look like walking road-construction warnings. Hopefully the Stallions' colors don't "fight" each other in real life the way that they are doing so in the pictures. Not enough contrast between the silver and the blues.
  16. Something to keep in mind for those of you outside the area (read: most of you). Keeping the name "Michigan" Bucks may sound fine...but historically has been an automatic "two strikes" against teams hailing from Flint. Flint residents are still very proud of their city...problems and all. Teams often when they relocate to Flint will keep or revert to "Michigan" in their name as a way to pad losses should the team fail. That way...they can move the team to another Michigan city and not have to incur and rebranding. This happened most recently with the hockey team that predated the Flint Firebirds, the "Michigan Warriors" and the indoor soccer team...which didn't even bother to change its name from "Detroit Waza Flo" despite playing in Flint. Having the name "Flint" in the name was a huge sticking point for focus groups when the Plymouth Whalers moved here to become the Firebirds. Saying "Michigan" instead of "Flint" conveys to Flint residents that the ownership is not invested and is already looking to move elsewhere. It'd be a wise move for the ownership, if they are going to keep the name "Bucks," to switch "Michigan" to "Flint"...history of the club be damned.
  17. As a resident of the area surrounding Flint, I suggest "Flint Strikers FC"...the name sounds dull but has a double it is a soccer term as well as a remembrance of the famous Flint Sit Down Strike of 1936-37 that was the catalyst for the unionization of American Auto Workers...and lead to the UAW as we know it. Flint pays tribute to this strike every year with celebrations and even has a large section of their local history museum dedicated to it. I suggested the colors of red & white with blue and "chrome" trim. While a bland scheme at the surface...each one of those colors has its own special tie-back to the strike itself: Red for the ladies "Red Hat Society" that supported the striking workers from outside the factory. They would break windows and hurl supplies to the workers on strike inside the plant. White for the "white shirt day" that the UAW celebrates every year in remembrance of the strike. Blue for (hopefully) a blue collar on the jerseys "Chrome" trim for the obvious automotive symbolism I suggested that all home kits be white jersey with red/gray trim, red shorts, with a blue collar.
  18. The CFL disappoints me in the fact that, aside from newer teams like the RedBlacks, they are an entire league based upon classic, "powerhouse" looks...that simply keeps tweaking and toying with those looks until they've been ruined. They try to come across as hip and cool with all these weird variations for their historic teams...but in the end just look like Grandma and Grandpa dressing like hipsters.
  19. META: A thread about "mascots in logos wearing different/altered versions of the actual uniforms" would be an interesting and challenging discussion.
  20. I like the concept, but the historical logos as smaller decals on the side clutter it up. Your helmet should not double as a logo timeline. EDIT - the historical logos kind of remind me of when, during College Senior Bowls of the 90's, the players would swap decals with other players and slap them on their helmet for the game.
  21. I can't help but think this is something that Ted Lasso, American Head Coach of THE Tottenham Hotspurs, would have come up with.
  22. ...the uneven and asymmetrical nature of the marks on the fur and face absolutely smells of downloading a comp from istock or shutterstock and autotracing the image into vector.