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  1. I like the elements shown separately, but for some reason not together. It's a nice, polished logo...don't get me just seems like a case of the client saying, "hey...please combine Concept 1 and Concept 2 together."
  2. The NBA's introduction of, and subsequent allowance of otherwise "off-brand" jerseys for their respective teams - diverting away from just "home" and "away" denotations and the color schemes thereof - is a slippery slope of cash-grabbing brand dilution that is not unlike the jersey stunts we have seen in Minor League baseball. ...Change my mind.
  3. This jersey started my love affair with uniforms and sports design as a whole. First jersey of any sport I ever owned. I thought it was crazy awesome that a team wore a color other than white at home. The golden yellow jerseys really popped against the dingy white of the old Pacific Coliseum. I was so excited to wear it the day after my parents bought it for me that I got up in the middle of the night, put it on, and slept in it until morning.
  4. I know USL gets a bad wrap among the purists for being "in bed" with MLS, but they are slowly but surely positioning themselves for an opportunity to break away from MLS and establish their own working system in the US....which would leave MLS out in the cold and looking foolish.
  5. I found it odd that League 1 went with that cyan rather than the blue in the corp logo. It isn't cohesive with the overall brand way they have it now.
  6. Oh....oh,'s....not how we do things.
  7. I've been following hockey for 30 years, on these boards since Chris started them, and I JUST noticed that the "I" in Islanders sits up higher than the "S"...throwing the balance of the whole word off visually. ...and it irritates the hell out of me that I can't unsee it.
  8. Well, on the bright side at least it doesn't read "Pizza Papa John's" anymore.
  9. *Sigh* reminds me of the first time I used "warp" in Illustrator. I never noticed how visually un-sound that primary was before. The bottom of the "V" is unaffected by the arch, but the bottom of the "U" is not?
  10. I miss the white area of the facemasks that resembled beaver teeth. I really thought that was a creative way to pay homage to their mascot.
  11. The plaid helmet was a bit out there...but a plaid center stripe would look nice.
  12. I envision the Legends having a front-facing crown decal on their helmet (think Michigan Wolverines) so that each player looks like they are wearing a crown. (deep movie man voice)...Each player is a legend in his own right....
  13. Can we just appreciate the interesting name/mascot of "Trunks" for a moment? Elephants are an under-utilized mascot in my opinion.
  14. With names like Legends, Iron, and Express...the names are underwhelming and I'm surprised we got the middle-of-the-road results that we did.
  15. If they're bringing it back by popular demand...then I motion for an electoral college to be established on the matter in the future.
  16. When I clicked on the thread, given the string of brutalist wordmark "refreshes" as of late...I was half expecting the Bison to have been removed and the word "Buffalo Wild Wings," in black, but now in Impact font.
  17. Interesting that they would have chosen, at least in concept, to have the "canucks" wordmark on the jersey with the "V." To me, the wordmark would be fine for most applications, but putting it on the front of the jersey as well would off-center the crest too far.
  18. As someone admittedly NOT from Orlando...a crown could work for Orlando from an outsiders point-of-view because of its "Magic Kingdom." Not agreeing with that connection...just making an observation.
  19. I realize this is off topic...but I love crazy facts like this. I'd love to see a "Crazy Sports Uniform/Logo Facts" thread with stuff like this...because I honestly had never heard that before.
  20. I'd like to personally thank WVU for eliminating that pesky, age-old annoyance of typing either "5" or "S" it's all unified in one simple character.
  21. The old wasn't THAT bad...but wow...the new one is absolutely awesome.
  22. Meta: Idea for Uniform reveals / game day attire reveals Bingo card. Rap Music Weird camera angles "Do that superman thing with your chest" "Do that 'no way/incomplete pass' signal" Flex muscles Show your gloves Crouch