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  1. For both of Rotherham's are their new home and away.
  2. I'm curious to see where those two black areas on either side of the collar "go" on the shirt. Are they part of a shoulder yoke that runs down the sleeves (that we are unable to see from the positioning of the shirt in the picture), or are they solid umbro "diamonds" that just sit on either side of the collar?
  4. Shrewsbury Town Here's the Home, Away, and 3rd. Those gradient blends could be brutal in real life.
  5. West Ham United home and away. The home is a masterpiece.
  6. No disrespect to the I know often times these things get squandered in a committee...but this just looks lazy. It's clip-artistic to an "nth" degree. It looks like 2 items from pieced together.
  7. "Where should the sponsor logo go on the shirt?" "Below this line, Daryl...." (Draws line in black chalk) (3 months later, opening shipment of printed shirts) "Damnit, Daryl!"
  8. I don't follow Italian football, but I thought AC Milan always wore red and black vertical stripes...? This is their home kit? Their supporters must not be happy campers right now.
  9. These look like a pair of pajamas I picked up at Target recently.
  10. I think it's making the most out of a difficult situation. Upgrade from the clipart hat and uber-bevel look that they had. I can't help but seeing the hat brim as an ocean wave when i first see it.
  11. The name needs more "Rs". Newfoundland Grrrrrrowlers. Put a dog biting a puck as a logo. The kids will love it.
  12. I owned a Charlestown Chiefs (from Slap Shot) hockey jersey as a kid, but had never seen the movie. A case of double mistaken identity here, though, as the guy in the hockey shop sold it to me as a "Spokane Chiefs" jersey of the Western Hockey League. My friends all thought I had a mis-colored Kansas City Chiefs fashion hockey jersey.
  13. Simply. Freakin'. Beautiful. Dolphins are hands-down the best redesign/modification of the teams doing so this off-season.
  14. I don't love them...and I don't hate them. I believe someone said yesterday that this has the potential to be an "over correction" of the current "Power Rangers" uniform sets we've been seeing in redesigns. I would have to say that I agree....they are easy on the eyes...but almost too easy.
  15. I'm sorry...if Conrad's mockups are legit....then I love it. In an age of two-tone yokes, customized-to-hell fonts, and teams trying to look like Power Rangers...this is a refreshing change.
  16. Perhaps I'm in the minority....perhaps I'm from an older school of design...but to me, uniforms are supposed to look like one large coherent and cohesive artwork. If there's a double stripe on the sleeves, then that needs to carry over to the pants or somewhere else to tie the whole look together. This school of thought is exactly why uniforms like the Steelers, Packers, etc. are beautiful to me and why recent uniform trends are really not clicking for me. This new Titans set, like many recent Nike uniform projects, seems like a bunch of disjointed thoughts put together, relying on "Nike speak" or "marketing speak" for you to understand why they are where they are on the uniform. It appears to me like it is a Frankenstein of elements from possibly several Nike concepts....and it illustrates a larger problem of the client becoming the Creative Director on projects and the designer backing away and letting someone who doesn't understand design run the show for the sake of a paycheck. TL;DR - Uniforms shouldn't need "marketing speak."
  17. To be fair it looks like a youth jersey...which since it is smaller might not be able to have the same details (?)
  18. Based on the's gonna take one hell of a helmet/pants combo to pull this look together and make it look cohesive.
  19. So....those Bills Cavs Sabres Colts Ravens Oilers Texans Titans uniforms, folks....I hear those changes are "not minor."
  20. After today's blatant logo ripoff unveiling....The Delaware Blue Coats are due for a rebranding.
  21. The A-League hangs its hat on the Melbourne and Sydney derbies...but I've found the rest of the league to be lacking if you're not watching one of those derbies or following one of the clubs involved in them.