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  1. Judging from the reaction of their SG, the ownership distinctly promised them that the checkers would never leave their kits/identity. But hey, if they are serious about MLS...then having the FO break promises and play spin doctors about it will become commonplace. BYB better get used to it.
  2. Technically the Charlotte Bobcats were named by their owner, after himself (Robert "Bob" Johnson). I get what you're getting at, though, and I don't think there are any teams whose names are/were real people other than Buffalo and Cleveland (?).
  3. Really interesting story about how under an ancient Scottish law, clubs are not allowed to use heraldry items. Ayr United seem to be the first to adhere to the enforcement of this, and released their new heraldry-free badge earlier today. Their old badge: Their New Badge (designed by a fan in Peru) (sorry it's cutoff):
  4. 1999 was RHI's last season, so the derelict state of the teams might've been a reflection of that. RHI suspended operations as a league for the entire 1998 season (with several of the top teams joining Major League Roller Hockey, a replacement league, for that season...never to return to RHI). There were only 8 teams remaining when the league came back in 1999...2 of which were expansion teams. To my knowledge, most of the teams used the "practice mesh" jersey style, with long pants reminiscent of "Cooperalls".
  5. The bullfrogs, from what I can recall, were definitely the league's "model" franchise. They were pretty dominant the first few seasons of the league. Wouldn't surprise me that they would have a radio contract during that time.
  6. Toronto played in the 1993 "first" season of RHI. I believe the massive expansion, espn2 game contract, etc was for the 1994 season. Many people don't recall that the 1994 season that got all the public exposure was actually the league's 2nd season. First season pics are tough to find.
  7. If they are a slight indication.... Please note not one, but 2 tones of gray. Removal of black = addition of a matte dark gray/graphite with a lighter gray, blue, and white as well? The Lions would start looking like a knockoff of the Philadelphia Soul.
  8. You've got it all wrong, man. Seen here is "a hint of gold" on the jersey, according to the team. Barely noticeable. Right? ...rrr...right guys?
  9. love...LOVE....LOVE the striping coming down into a sword-esque point.
  10. I agree. Pat would make a great logo for the sleeves, if they were able to refresh him to look a bit more like "Elvis" on their lids.
  11. Jacksonville is called "the Bold New City of the South"...perhaps..."Bold City"?
  12. ...this look reminds me of the old Dallas Texans Arena Football team. Love it.
  13. I actually like the fact that the green shading in the cat's face form "hills". The color scheme is dreadful The "A" in Hillcats is ridiculously embellished. There's no reason for the "A" to have those trails like it does. The raised paw on the cat is gigantic in proportion to the rest of its body...even with perspective taken into account.
  14. ABSOLUTELY! when I was a kid buying replicas during that had 2 materials to choose from: "Replica" that was a polyester material similar to soccer jersey. It wasn't as "thick" as what they wore on the ice. These were the cheaper option and ran $50-$70 (in 1990's money). As I remember, they fit more like a long-sleeved t-shirt. "Pro" that was a material very similar to what they wore on the ice. Thicker material than the replica. These had a much more athletic cut and fit more like a proper jersey. They ran $70-$90. No matter which one you purchased, though, they had all the patches, bells, and whistles that the team wore on the ice.
  15. Alouettes have always been one of those teams that are "so close" to having an amazing uniform...they just cannot seem to tweak it correctly. The tweaks they DO make, don't make good sense when put in the context of their overall look. Your points above illustrate that.
  16. I remember when this thread was about the Las Vegas Expansion....
  17. If I were Adidas, and I'm not, but if I were, I would have flipped the "Indiana script" 180 degrees. Most of the time on camera, when a player is crouched down, then the script would read "Indiana" properly for the TV audience....especially on the linemen. The way it is now, it will read upside-down to the TV audience. Does that make sense? It's a bit hard to put into words.
  18. As someone who prints off schedules like these and keeps track of a team's performance during their season, I'm loving the two spaces next to each game to place the final score. At least, that's what I assume they're for...and I wish more teams did that.
  19. While that new logo and label might work on the taller candles, I'm interested to see how they're going to reduce it to fit on the smaller ones. I don't see the vertically-centric layout fairing well.
  20. I think taking the "state" route works best when there's no existing or foreseeable pro team (in that sport) coming to another city in the state....which in the ones you listed hold true.
  21. That distressed/grunge sash is awesome. I've not seen that before.