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Interesting Find on Bruins Uniform (Old Logos on Current Unis)

Sean F&F

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I saw this picture of Bruin's Defensemen Dougie Hamilton. It's form his rookie year 2 years ago. Notice his pants. It has the old logo that was replaced in 2007. He's wearing the pants in 2012.


I searched around and found some more examples with different players. All Bauer gear. I'm guessing this was just a Bauer issue or they got old gear from Bauer somehow?

Tyler Seguin from the same year (2012-13)


But then I saw this pic of Chara from what I think is 2012. He has Easton but also the old logo


Chara actually did wear those old uniforms for a season though (even thouogh he was wearing Bauer then)


I just thought that it was interesting that they had the old logo that has been discontinued for (at the time) 5 years but still found it's way to the ice.

Old stock of hockey pant shells? The only reason I can think of.

From recent pics from this year, It looks like they all have the correct logo. Even the 2011 Cup Champion team had them (some at least).


Anyone else see things like this with other teams

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Yeah, this has been going on with the Bruins for years. I posted a thread about it once upon a time after finding a trading card with someone wearing pants with the old logo. Apparently it's been going on for a decade or so. No idea why.

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