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Question about posting images


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First you have to upload them to a server (either you own or I (and just about everyone else here) recomend photobucket.com.

Then you can the the link to the image and click the "IMG" button when you post or it gives to the option that already has the %7Boption%7D code and you can copy and paste that straight into the message.

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Yes, indeed. Great question. For an example of what not to do in this type of regard, check out the Request forum's "Adult Dodgeball Association" thread, where Mr. notoriousap has seen fit to swipe my organization's bandwidth by posting a pic of our 10th anniversary logo. This is BAD FORM that it'd be a good idea not to follow, as its a 'violation' of the 8th TFAQ.

No, I'm not bitter. What makes you think that? :rolleyes:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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