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What If....Football Returned To The Big West?...Long Beach State Posted


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While watching the bowl games I began to wonder what would it be like if the Big West Conference started sponsoring football again. Since I am currently on winter break, I decided to make it a reality.

Before I get started just wanted to give a special thanks to MattWillcox for the amazing template and to BucksFan5 for the psd conversion

Big West Conference Football Master List

CSUN Matadors Updated 1/5/2015 (See Linked Post/Scroll Down to post #7)

Long Beach State...Posted 1/7/2015

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This is a good modern look. I would ease up on how much the template brightens the back panel of the jersey if you know what I mean. It's a little distracting from an otherwise decent design. Also, the NOB is a little hard to read with the outline the way it is. I'd consider removing the outline, but it's your design...

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Very nice. It's traditional, but not boring. Excellent use of colors. What are all the schools you plan on doing?

-Cal State Fullerton

-Long Beach State

-Cal State Northridge

-UC Irvine

-UC Riverside


And possibly updates to the 3 schools that do play football


-Cal Poly SLO

-UC Davis

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CSUN Updated...Fixed the pant stripe issue


I know some of you might disprove of the last alternate and claim its GRGS!!! but grey is actually listed in the official style guide as a school color.

As always C+C greatly appreciated. Next up Long Beach State

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Long Beach State

For Long Beach St I modernized their uniforms from the late 80's and early 90's when George Allen was head coach and Terrell Davis played one season before transferring due to the end of the program



I also gave them a faux-back alternate which includes brown, a former school color that was changed in 2000


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The only complaint I have with LBS is the 3 different styles of type used. You have the non italicized old styled LB monogram, the 'beach' grunge-styled script, and then the italicized block numerals. Just too contrasting to me and it makes it feel disorganized. The throwback was my favorite of the bunch replacing that terrible beach mark for the LONG BEACH one looks much better.

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