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1983 White Sox Fauxback Comments Needed

Carolingian Steamroller

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I've had this 1983 White Sox fauxback for a while and I while I basically like what I've done with the uniform, I cannot for the life of me decide on the type of sleeves and cleats.

I've mocked up 4 different versions: white cleats with blue sleeves, white cleats with red sleeves, red cleats and red sleeves, and black cleats and red sleeves.

The basic design I've used is the old satin uniform from the Dodgers and Braves which I think makes for an excellent way to appropriate the 83 style stripes for a button down uniform while still being goofy. The stripe pattern has the same ratio of 1-3-1 whether it appears on the primary logo, shoulder, stirrup, sleeve, or pants striping. The chest logo and numbers are blue or white in keeping with the original primary logo which uses only one color for the lettering.

The problem is the uniform could look radically different depending on the accessories. I like the idea of red cleats and sleeves because it fits the original 83 uniform but I wonder if that much color could be too jarring. I also like the white cleats and blue sleeve combo because the white cleats blend with the white socks and would be a call back to the white socks even if the player was wearing low cuffs. However, every other team in the AL Central already wears blue sleeves.

I can't find my way out of this pickle so I need your expert help.










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