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Well, I am wondering how this flew under the radar. But we (in Columbia, SC) are getting the team previously known as the Savannah Sand Gnats. I just can't wait to see what the official color palate will be (not to mention the color-optimized workup by Colorwerx should he choose to do one....). The story behind them is here: http://www.columbiabusinessreport.com/news/55290-fireflies-anyone-columbia-baseball-club-unveils-team-logos

Midnight Blue, Neon Yellow/Green, and Grey (or Silver) has to be the most unique combo I think I have ever heard of. And word has it that the caps will be glow-in-the dark.


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On the whole, I like a lot of it. This is the one time a team gets extra points for using volt. But the color scheme is still surprisingly drab. Hopefully the silver will be metallic, and lighter, on the unis.

And using city nicknames is always a terrible choice. "Holy City"? As pathetic as it is crass. I said it about Portland's "Rip City", and I'll say it when the White Sox add "City of Big Shoulders" across their alts.

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