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MLS Remembrance Day Kits (plus a new soccer template)


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It's looking ever more likely that all three Canadian MLS clubs will be making the playoffs this season, meaning we could see multiple Canadian clubs continuing plan into November. I've always liked how the Premier League clubs mark Remembrance Day with poppies added to the front of kits. I know Remembrance Day isn't recognized in the US, but if it happens that a couple of the Canadian clubs are still around come November, I'd love to see them do something (something that preferably excludes anything camouflage).

I've been working on a new soccer kit template recently and thought I'd give it a go with my idea for Remembrance Day kits. The kit designs themselves are concepts themselves, not those in use this season.

Let me know your thoughts on the idea of poppy kits, as well as the template itself. It is a PSD template that currently includes cuts for adidas, Nike and Puma, plus a few generic cuts for other manufacturers. I took inspiration from some past templates that I liked, including Raysox' most recent effort, which has been such a big hit round here. I'll plan on releasing this sometime down the road, once I am fully satisfied with it. Let me know how you think it could be improved.

EDIT: Just had a look and saw that you Americans do mark November 11th as Veteran's Day, so this idea could be used across MLS. Is the poppy a well-known symbol in your neck of the woods?


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The poppy doesn't have quite the same symbolism in the United States, but we do recognize Veterans Day on the same day as Remembrance Day. US-based teams tend to recognize it when playing that day.

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Love the template except the Adidas stripes seem a little thin, maybe try making them more bold on the shorts especially and the jersey as well. Just like in Raysox's template not all 3 Adidas stripes have to be showing sort of how you did the MLS logo wrapping around the jersey to give it a little 3rd dimension.

Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering if the stripes were too skinny. As for showing all three stripes, I was going for a laid out kit look, in which the entire shoulder is completely visible, kind of like this:



I do think it looks a bit odd on the side stripes on the TFC kit though, so may update that to only show two of the three stripes.

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