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so its been quite some time since i've posted or even worked on a concept series and i have been meaning to tackle this one again for a while.

last time i left the logos as they where and only worked on the uniforms but this time i plan on doing logos where they are needed also.

some background on the league first of all, its an amateur american football league based in Adelaide, South Australia that is currently holding its playoffs for its 30th season. it currently only fields 5 teams but as part of my concept i will be reviving old teams and adding new teams.

now first up i have the league logo,

the league is currently running under the name "Gridiron South Australia" gridiron is used to avoid confusion with the three other codes of football played in Australia so i have kept this. however i have followed gridiron west's (western australia) lead and shortened the name to "Gridiron South"

i've got a few options here the bottom row with taller text and the right column replacing the state outline with the letters "SA"

would love to hear what everyone thinks

1Hss1Q8.png \

and here is the current logo for comparison


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Why does it say Gridiron South?

And not Gridiron South Australia or just Gridiron with either the letters SA (which could be mistaken for South Africa) or the state outline.

I find gridiron south australia to be quite a cumbersome name design wise, as for it to take up the same space as the word gridiron the letters would have to be very small or split over three lines & and the opposite for geidiron sa (unless of course you went with a roundell like the original logo.

As i explained in the original post, i have followed western australias lead of changing to "gridiron west"

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ok, so first of all ive updated the league logo, ive changed the colours around a bit and aded a version with "gridiron sa" and one with "gridiron south australia"

id love to hear everyones feedback on which they like better


second of all i have the first team, ive decided to go with a "primary" and "alternate" uniform for each team rather than a home and away. every team will have a sponsor logo in place of the nob, due to the cost of running an amateur gridiron club in australia most of thee teams in the league already do this.

Southern District Oilers

this year the oilers a team who traditionally wears white (eg. cowboys, lsu) re-added burnt orange to their colour scheme harkening back to their early years as the southern longhorns. i have kept the same basic design for the uniforms adding an extra stripe of burnt orange on either side of the shoulder yolk and adding a pant stripe.

for the "alternate" uniform i have gone with a straight throwback to the first non white uniforms the team wore in the '80s. this is a little unrealistic due to the fact that the team most likely would not be able to afford more than one set of helmets.

so without further ado i give you the oilers


and here are their current uniforms and the uniforms being thrownback to for comparison



all c&c is apreciated

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Love the new logos.

Gridiron South Australia should be the official logo and the Gridiron SA logo should be on the uniforms, while the Gridiron south could be used on merchandise or other stuff.

Love the throwback Longhorns set.

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